I made it! This is the 100th post on Making the Flame.

I didn’t intend to write one hundred posts; instead, I was only trying to shake off the doubt I learned my nearest and dearest had in my powers of commitment.

My other intention was to do something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now, which is generate sewing and creativity conversations, and create a positive, empowering space for women. Hopefully, in these 100 posts I’ve done a little bit of that.

Moving forward, I plan to expand my lines of communication, and share more: more about my sewing progress, more about my purchases, more musings. More photos? We’ll see. Certainly, better photos. My goal is to make this blog into something you love to read and come back to, because it has value for you!

As for celebrating, well … aside from my birthday, I’m not really good at celebrating. Maybe when I get to one hundred active readers, I’ll do a little dance and make a blooper reel out of it. *wink*

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