250 Posts and a Fabric Clean-Out

"Punk Rock Moving Truck" Photograph by Ebi Poweigha. All rights reserved.

Guess who’s moving?


Me! I don’t yet know exactly where and the when is roughly between July and September (so if you have a lead on an apartment in Cambridge for $1100 per person or less, please email me!!!!), but I am for sure leaving my current residence.

The beloved sewing studio of Making the Flame.

Sewing-wise, I’m terrified of what’s in store for me: right now I have the perfect sewing studio. Well lit, lots of fresh air, outlets galore, completely private and undisturbed. And big — it’s half of a 15’x15′ bedroom, which is a huge bedroom by Boston standards. I don’t know that I’ll be able to afford a place with such a space. For those of you not local to Boston, $1100 per person is $2200/month for a 2BR and $3300/month for a 3BR, which gets you an okay-to-average place in Cambridge. (I’m totally cool with okay-to-average, though!!!! So please send me those leads!)

A small, small part of the Making the Flame fabric stash. Le sigh.

Fabric-wise, I’m thrilled. Thrilled! Because I finally have the chance to purge and downsize my fabric collection, and also force myself to work from a To-Sew list, instead of having a million things in limbo forever. You see, this weekend and throughout the month of June, I’m moving my fabric, studio, and belongings into a storage space. This is in case I don’t find a place in time and need to couch surf or relocate somewhere temporarily, but also in case my new place is small.

The really cool part of all of this is that I’m going to take you along for the ride! This weekend, June 4-5, I’ll be on social media sharing my stash, space, and progress with all of you. I’ll be on:

  • Instagram — @makingtheflame
    • Photos of hits and misses in my stash and sewing/knitting items for sale (I’ll ship anywhere in the US).
  • Snapchat — @makingtheflame
    • Snapchat filters will be used liberally in the creation my Story on both days. I love filters! I’ll also do a post-Periscope wrap up video each night around 1030pm.
  • Periscope — @makingtheflame
    • Live scopes at 930am and 530pm on both days, to talk about each day’s plan and what I learned from each day’s progress.
  • Twitter — @makingtheflame
    • Remember the show Herman’s Head? This weekend will be Ebi’s Head! All sorts of random thoughts related to sewing, fabric stash, and cleaning. I’ll try not to whine about how tired I am. :)

Also, this is my 250th post on Making the Flame!!!! Can you believe it? I’m so super pumped to have made it this far, and I really believe the only reason I have is because the online sewing community is so engaged, welcoming, and supportive. It’s easier to blog when you’re writing for good people. Thanks so much for being a part of my blog!

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  1. Congrats Ebi!! This all sounds very exciting, and I love how you are turning it into a creative opportunity with social media. Best of luck to you on finding *the* place!!!!

  2. This is exciting (and scary!) news!! Congrats! Best of luck with apartment hunting and moving – not fun activities, but at least it seems to have some positive effects on your sewing. :)

    I don’t have any apartment leads for you, but (sadly) all I know it that it’s impossible to find your own place in Cambridge for $1100 unless it is literally an alley behind a building. Ah, Cambridge.

    1. Ooh, that alley sounds just right! HAH!!! Seriously, I’m looking for the impossible, but hopefully something will work out one way or the other. Thanks so much for the positive thoughts. :)

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