3, 2, 1, Fiona

in progress
Fiona #3, pre-neckband

What could I possibly love more than a pattern that consistently yields great makes? The Fiona Top is a pattern by Style Arc, an Australian independent pattern company. It’s one of the more robust indies, offering a wide range of patterns in a wide range of sizes through an easy to navigate and modern website. I know I sound like a commercial, but I love my Fiona Top that much — I’ve made three since July!

purple fiona
Fiona #2

In regards to the pattern, it required only tiny tweaks to fit me perfectly. I bought a size 22 and the largest adjustment I made was lengthening the sleeves 3/4″. This is kind of amazing, given my various dimensions. And despite being intended for lightweight knit fabrics, I’ve sewn it in three very different fabrics with great success.

starter make
Fiona #1

What I love love love about this pattern is how intelligently it is drafted: the center back seam is gently curved, to better hug your back. Also, the fact there is a center back seam allows for easier tweaking for fit! Also, I added patch pockets. Also ……. :)  hah! Just kidding. Here are the pictures!

numbah 3
A serious-with-a-sense-of-humor weekend look (minus the shoes)

This is my third and most recent Fiona. I used a rayon blend novelty knit for the body and pockets, and a cotton/poly jersey for the cuffs, neckband, and lining. That’s right folks, this Fiona is lined! It feels dreamy. Lining it did add work, but I love the jersey against my skin and the fact that there are no visible seams on this garment. I lengthened the sleeves by 3/4″ for the first time, which adjustment really works for me.

Ready for the workplace: meeting, interview, presentation.

This is my second Fiona, and my first with pockets. I used a medium-weight, moderate stretch novelty knit; probably a poly/lycra blend. All that texture was a bear to work with, and I think the next time I work with anything sproingy like this I will baste, baste, baste. I pieced the band on the crosswise and other grains, as I simply did not have the full yardage to cut it out properly. I don’t believe it at all affected the finished garment. Oh, and I scooped out the back neck and swooped out the center back at the hem — both very common alterations for me.

A smart and sharp casual outfit.

My first Fiona, the one I sewed up roughly as a wearable muslin and fell madly in love with. I had to re-stitch some of the seams on this one, that’s how slapdash my initial effort was. As this was a muslin and as the pattern has no pattern measurements, I made no alterations to the pattern. I barely followed the meager instructions, too — it’s a pretty self-explanatory make.

Okay, this is the last you’ll hear from me in 2014 — HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It’s time for 2015, yeah!

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  1. I’m a Style Arc fan but haven’t really noticed this pattern before. Oh no, another pattern to think about! :) I really like what you’ve done with it – the different fabrics all seem to work really well, and it fits you perfectly. Lovely!

    1. Another SA fan! The Fiona Top is definitely a sleeper — I didn’t even order it, it came as the free pattern when I bought the Jilly Jeans pattern (which I still haven’t made). Thank you for the kind words!

  2. Ebi, you look fantastic in these tops! I like how your style is a little sassy and edgy. :) The Fiona looks like such a versatile top that essentially substitutes for a blazer, only more comfortable. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects in 2015. Happy New Year!

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