35 and Still Alive

“35 and Still Alive” – Making the Flame | Body Positive Sewing & Style

What a morbid title for a birthday post, eh?

But it makes sense – today is my 35th birthday, and I’m still alive, as far as sewing goes! And soon, as far as blogging goes. :)

I’ve been on hiatus for over three months to focus on personal matters. Initially, I felt guilty for disappearing, but it turns out to have been an excellent decision – personally, and for the blog.

I’m excited to say that a fresh attitude is coming. I’d been trying hard to keep up with the Joneses, as sewing-blogger-turned-pro-model/entrepreneur/etc was the thing everyone was doing – and succeeding at. And since it was newer bloggers, and newer sewers, I felt like I was getting surpassed by people I should have been ahead of.

But during hiatus, I realized they all had many people supporting them. I am one person. They were also putting money into it that I simply didn’t have – and wouldn’t spend if I could. So while I do want to turn my sewing hobby into something more lucrative, it’s got to be personally authentic, and be shared in a personally authentic way.

And yes, something is now brewing slowly in the background! But first, I want to get this blog back on the rails.

Reading posts from the first year of Making the Flame, I was struck by how focused I was on personal style and body positivity, and how that waned over the years. It’s time to get back to that. This was supposed to be a safe place for those of us who are outside the box or appreciate what lies outside the box. And it was supposed to be a place where anyone who was curious, could learn about body positivity and how it is practiced and lived in real life.

So that’s what is coming up the pipeline, starting in September. There will still be new garments and sewing talk, but there will also be more talk of personal style and having a harmonious relationship with your body. I’m especially excited to talk more about body positivity, because I’ve become incredibly insecure this year, what with 35 approaching and me being extremely single. Being body positive has been hard, and frankly, I think I’ve been sucking at it. So I want  to share the hard parts, to help people see how to get through a really body-positive challenging situation.

The next post on Making the Flame goes live on Friday, September 15, but I will send weekly emails to blog subscribers between now and then with exclusive content. Subscribe if you want to see the special content, but at the very least – come back in September. :)

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  1. Oh wow. Your birthday is the same day as my oldest son. He is 37. (Yikes! How can I have a kid that old when I am so young?) A belated happy birthday to you.

    I sometimes have a bit of an issue about people newer/younger than me doing amazing stuff. I started sewing in the mid-70s and I see people who have only been sewing for a year or two who are so much more skilled and talented than I am and I think, “What is wrong with me?”but really, it doesn’t matter. I’m here doing my thing and sewing for myself and my family and they always love what I make for them and that’s more than enough for me.

    1. Hi Lynn! Happy birthday to your son :-D Hope he had a great day. And thanks for your thoughts – ‘I’m here doing my thing’ is going to be my mantra when a case of comparison creeps into my head. So smart of you to take such a positive tack. :)

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