35 Drafts and a Quiet Year (2017)

As I write this, I have 35 draft posts in various stages of completion – drafts that I may never publish. So I’ve been writing…and even sewing. But not sharing.

I thought I’d share more, since I’m going through Things – well, mostly one really difficult Thing – but it’s been difficult to put this all into words. I haven’t even been journalling much, and I used to write a new journal every 2-3 days. Lately, I might write 1 or 2 journals per month.

I’m getting the hang of the big Thing and all the other sundry Things currently in my face. I am learning about adulthood. Some takeaways so far:

  • life goes on
  • someone has screwed up more than you ever will
  • even people in prison manage to turn their lives around
  • tomorrow is another day…that might suck

Seriously. The lessons haven’t been cheery and shiny, but I’m learning life doesn’t have to always be as such and may in fact not be as such for extended periods of time.

I’m also learning that sometimes you have a lot of things on your mind. You don’t always need to resolve them. Sometimes, you simply can’t.

So many things have made my heart hurt  in 2017. From January through today, it’s been one pain after another – political pains, local pains, family pains, love pains, friendship pains, money pains, heck even body pains. A girl can’t catch a break. But I am proud to say I finally said eff it, I’m going to sew even if everything is falling apart. What good does it do me to not do the thing I love?

So yeah, I have new garments to share. And I have more of an eff it attitude. My photos may not be great, my videos may be awkwardly bad, but I will keep plowing ahead. Keep keeping it real. And keep showing off my perfect seam intersections.

So this is my 2017 wrap up. No photos. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I’d rather post this and get to working on a post about a garment, where photos are actually needed.



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  1. Hi Ebi: I haven’t commented for a long time but I always read your posts. Sorry 2017 was a tough year and best wishes for a better 2018. Your projects show your true spirit of going forward even when the path is rough. Making things always makes me feel better, even when they don’t come out the way I wanted, so I hope sewing brings you a lot of joy this year. And are these photos taken at Gather Here? I don’t get to Cambridge very often, but I always try to sneak in a visit there!

    1. Hello Elizabeth! Thanks for reading all this time – I seriously appreciate it. I do try to tough out the hard times :) but hope they’re mostly behind me. These photos are indeed taken at Gather Here! There’s now a giant full size mirror at the back of the yarn section. Perfect for blog selfies! Please poke me if you ever see me there, I love to chat.

  2. Hey Ebi….I wa trying to catch up on periscope, sorry you haven’t been there for a while!
    Be happy in your own world, please don’t let other ‘things’ intrude on your peace and happiness -:)
    Hope 2018 will bring only the best for you!
    Natasha xx

  3. Sorry to hear that 2017 didn’t go the way you had hoped at all. I’m hoping that focusing on what you love to do (sewing) will bring you some joy little by little.
    Happy New Year, Ebi :-)

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