6 Years!!


Guess which blog has been around for six years? Wooohooooo it’s blogiversary day!!!


It’s so exciting and gratifying to have made it this far, and more than a little amazing. This is not my first blog, or even my second – it’s more like my third or fourth attempt at a sewing blog, and as far as journalling or writing online in a reverse chronological posting format, whew. I’ve been doing that since 2000 or so. Messy. Lots of journals and themes I started and never stuck with. So Making the Flame is special, and I think/hope that it’s different from all those other attempts because it’s saying useful words to people besides myself. Well, in real life I’m a woman of action, so this year Making the Flame is also going to be about doing things that are useful to people besides myself.

So what’s in store?

Updated, streamlined blog content: I’m going back to the beginning and polishing up old posts. I do a lot of internal linking to help you learn the story arc of a garment or topic, but that’s no good if the backstory posts are all janky, is it? Some content will simply be updated, some will actually be republished, some old topics will be relaunched as an e-course (!!!). Old is new, at least that’s what I heard when I turned 30. :D Oh, and there will def be new posts, too.

More theme months, like BoPoMarch, and perhaps even an -along or photo a day ‘challenge. Is there a better word than challenge? Anyway, BoPoMarch is dear to my heart and every year I work my hardest to both make it good and make it better than the year before. But there are other months in the year that I’d like to celebrate, like Black History Month (USA, February) and African Independence Month (made up by me, October). These will play out on the blog and at least one social media challenge.

Better photos. Between access to better equipment and resignation to the fact that there’s no shortcut to good photos, I will be making a concerted effort to give you photos of a quality closer to the norm. I am not promising to stun you with my visuals! Just that I won’t give you sucky ones anymore.

Regular presence on social media, especially Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Regular does not mean daily! But it does mean new content on a regular basis and reasonable schedule for that platform. Nothing is worse than someone tells you to visit their social and it’s covered in cobwebs, ya know?

Contributors! Last year I learned the benefit of tapping into other minds – this year, I’m running with the information. This site and all my social will still largely be me, but I think everyone learns a bit more with more perspectives and experiences in the mix.

Sharing my real life here and on social. You won’t be flooded with pet pics (I don’t have or want any) or child pics (I’m still skittish about sharing photos of LJ’s face or real name), but I’ve been reading for years how important authenticity is, and how you can’t be authentic without sharing what you’re really about. I’ve definitely shared my thoughts with you over the years, but what about my day? So I’m going to do my best to make it interesting to you and insightful about me.

-Speaking of being authentic, I like to party and have fun in small, nerdy ways, like dinner parties and movie nights. But since I can’t do those online (?), I’ll be releasing games and other fun surprises every 2-4 months on Making the Flame, and perhaps YouTube. I’m SUPER excited about these even though they mean immense amounts of work that I’m already terrified by.

-Lastly but not leastly, Making the Flame is well overdue for a makeover. I don’t know about you, but I’m tiiiired of looking at this theme and these tiny letters. When did they get so small??? So that’s going to happen once I find a theme worthy of our time together.

As for sewing plans, well, I have a whole new wardrobe to make! And a baby to sew for, though I don’t know how many projects for her will make it to the blog. I tried to make her something for African Independence Month last year, maybe I’ll try that again this year. I’d love to make a proper tailored wool coat, get good at serging and installing zippers, and line/make something with silk. I’ll also be sketching on my Real Body Croquis like crazy – clothes I intend to make and designs for the sake of designing.


Whew! That’s a lot. It’s going to be a busy year – in addition to blogging, I’ll be in school full time, hopefully working a bit, and snuggling my baby as much as possible. I started prepping for this blogiversary/year almost two months ago, so hopefully it’s enough to pull everything off. At the very least, we’re all here together at the six year mark and I hope we’re all together again this day next year. Huzzah!

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