A Body Positive Month: BoPoMarch


BoPoMarch (Body Positive March) – which I first attempted in 2017 – is a month dedicated to body positivity for everybody and every body. Talking about body positivity is why I started this blog, and it’s a topic I’m deeply passionate about. I feel that a lot of our unhappiness stems from unnecessary (and often inaccurate) negative body image, as bodies we dislike are bodies we don’t care for, don’t appreciate, and don’t use to their fullest potential. Sad, right?

I look forward to chatting with you about many themes relating to body positivity: body image, body changes, body experiences, and more. And what is a theme month without custom hashtags? Follow and join in on the conversation on social media using the hashtags #bopomarch and #boposew.

Here on the blog, I’ll be talking about common female body image struggles*, and how they intersect with the things we sew in Saturday Musings posts. On Tuesdays, I’ll write about sewing for changing bodies, as changes often trigger negative body image in women.

(*BoPoMarch and body positivity in general, are not just for women! I am focused on women because it’s my area of experience and expertise. I welcome men and others to share their experiences and expertise on social media, using the hashtags #bopomarch and #boposew.)

On Twitter, I’ll share and discuss articles about body image and body positivity at noon every day. I’ll also tweet quotes from the articles, because who doesn’t love a good soundbite?

On Instagram, I’ll get personal and share my story – moments throughout my life where my body was the focus, and how those moments relate to my body positivity journey. For the visual, I’ll be using photos from the time of each story, so you’ll be treated (?) to a rare collection of old pictures  of me. I’m not big on sharing old photos because I feel they are so private! But for BoPoMarch I will step outside my comfort zone. Those deep dark tales will post every other day. Get ready for a whole lotta Ebi, world!

And speaking of going outside comfort zones, I’m going to make my YouTube live debut on Monday nights at 7pm ET. If you have questions about body positivity; what it is, how to get on board, why you disagree with it, or anything else, please join me! You can post comments during the feed, and I’ll do my best to reply to all of them. BoPoTV will run for half an hour, so there will be plenty of time to chat.

Are you more of a Facebook fan? I got you! I’m going to share links to everything on my Facebook page as well as in a brand new Facebook group called BoPoSew! If you follow Making the Flame, you’ll be able to keep on top of all the BoPoMarch content this month with ease. If you join BoPoSew, you can engage with the content in a community setting, with the advantage that BoPoSew is a year-round group dedicated to body positivity in sewing. So there will be content and discussions even after March has ended. :)

I sincerely hope you enjoy BoPoMarch, and get something of personal value out of the content and conversations.

<3 Ebi

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    1. Hello! The dress form in this blog post’s photo is not mine. :) Mine is a Dritz Twin-Fit dress form, and it looks very similar to the one in the photo. Hope this helps!

  1. I love this! This is something I really need because I haven’t had a very positive outlook on my body since I gained weight. I pretty much stop making clothes for myself because of insecurities about my body. Thank you for doing this!

    1. Yay! Glad to be able to help you get back to sewing for yourself. :) Also, I have a post specifically about sewing after weight gain scheduled for Tuesday. Hopefully that helps you with your specific issue.

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