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Hello! My name is Ebi Poweigha, and I’m the body positive sewist behind Making the Flame. Women of all sizes can use some body positivity in their lives! Sewists of all sizes have unique bodies, not just those of us too large or too short to fit patterns right out of the envelope.

What is Body Positive Sewing?

The belief that “anyone can make any garment for any body, it’s just a matter of approaching it a little differently.” Body positive sewing is simple: sew clothes you love for the body you have right now. Not the body you wish you had, the body you think you should have, or your grand/daughter’s body because yours is “too old/droopy/lumpy”. Nor is it sewing bland, shapeless clothes in order to mask your “figure flaws”. Body positive sewing is using your skills and creativity to treat your body well.

My Sewing Story

I had an early love affair with clothing, but equally traumatizing sewing experiences. It took until my 20’s to shake that off and try to learn to sew – which I failed to do! in 2010, I quit my comfortable job with the best boss ever in order to make a living in the arts. After dabbling in sports photography and dance performance, I settled on fashion. I bought my beloved Pfaff Hobby 1142 in January 2011, checked out every sewing book in the Boston Public and Minuteman Library Networks, and taught myself to sew. Happily, this time it clicked! I went on to sew custom clothing, do alterations, make costumes for theater, fit models at multiple fashion shows, apprentice with a fashion designer, and work at two different independent fabric stores, in addition to launching this opinionated, positive blog in January 2014.

About Me

This blog is named Making the Flame because that’s my way of describing how the creative process feels. I love creating things, and dabbled in many forms of creativity, including: songwriting, script writing, journalling, word art, quilting, knitting, embroidery, cross stitch, makeup, and photography. I’m a first generation Nigerian-American raised in the great state of Massachusetts, now living in Georgia and studying foreign languages/global studies. I’m a huge football fan and my team is definitely the New England Patriots! I also love ice cream, the beach, and travel, so despite my team fandom I’m just like you. :)

I hope you enjoy Making the Flame, and start some body positive sewing of your own! I’m super social — find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Or shoot me an email if you live in or are visiting the Atlanta area. I love to make new friends!

Email: makeflame AT makingtheflame DOT com

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