And It Feels So Good

I’ve finally resumed sewing! I did a bit of repair work on some RTW pieces, dabbled on some new projects, and took inventory of my projects in progress. Here’s what’s on my table:

Sewing table, unedited

–did you find the Dalmatian Me Crazy shirt in that photo? Hint: it’s still a pile of fabric;

Vogue pattern 8476, #2 in progress

–my second go at Vogue pattern 8476;

boss facings
I drafted the skirt AND the facings … #boss

–self-drafted pencil skirt pattern, to be compared to Lekala pattern 5088;

Lucha! Libre!

–lucha libre fabric intended for Lekala pattern 4288;

butt pockets
McCall’s pattern 5971; where to place the patch pockets? hmmmm.

–post-basting McCall’s pattern 5971 that I cut in December 2012 and never sewed until now;

skulls R cute.

–sewed my very first hood on a self-drafted hoodie muslin.

Near-future plans:

–pink exercise pants embellished with lace;

–make my own hook and eye tape;

–more RTW alterations and repairs;

–a bag.

Whew! Can I say I have my work cut out for me, or would that be too cheesy of a pun?



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