Another Day at the Office

“The Sweet Office Worker”

It’s been a bit over a month of me working my new job, and I’m still learning my role a little bit each day. It’s kind of an odd, and very crazy work environment — even though we can’t wear jeans or any crazy piercings we may have, we’re not necessarily required to dress professionally.

I personally love dressing for the office; my personal style is colorful, approachable, yet also I-have-somewhere-important-to-be (except when I’m hanging out with friends). When I started this position I wore skirts a lot, and the odd dress, but I wake up around 430 or 5 in the morning, and it stopped being fun trying to look cute at that hour. Enter: pants.

/pants, pants, pants, pants, pants/ *L’il Jon voice*

I didn’t make these pants, they are my trusty Talbots pants which I’d like to replace with me-made pants. The Talbots pants are acceptable, but I hate the fabric! It’s thick and has no drape and makes this awful swishing sound when I walk. But they fit and they work with most of my wardrobe (white goes with everything), so I wear them often.

minimum of bagging
Back view — a bit tight, but I made this 35 pounds ago!

The top is my only example of a me made fitted top. I swear, I wish I could remember what inspired me to try this pattern out! It’s Vogue V8476. It’s a pretty easy make, but I do hate collars y’all, so I haven’t made another. And yes, this is definitely the same top from my purple print-on-purple print look from a week ago. I think it looks totally different here, with the white pants.

Can you spot the 1/4″ picot ribbon?

Here’s a close up of this shirt, so you can see my favorite detail — the red ribbon I stitched perfectly over the front seams, to obscure the fact I sewed together two different fabrics. This is some of my neatest sewing, which I freehanded: no pins! I almost never sew with pins, and it’s been so long that I’m slow and awkward when I do use them. The designer I assisted on my last play used pins constantly, and I made a mess of pulling them out when sewing on the costumes. I learned a lot from her though; it was definitely a very good experience.

All the pieces.

Top: Vogue V8476

Pants: Talbots

Necklace: Avenue

Earrings: Walgreens

Bracelet: don’t remember

Shoes: Payless

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