April “Sexy Month” Roundup

(This post is incredibly belated, but as I like to say: B-L-T-N.)



Whew! April is over. This has been a great month, personally and creatively. I’ve learned some things, impressed myself, and achieved some goals.



Focus is more important than inclusion. Sexy Month, though it seemed like a good idea, totally clashed with the theme and tone of this blog. I’m glad I tried it because blogging is about experimentation, but I doubt I’ll do ‘sexy’ on this blog again.

It’s not possible to blog daily while working full time and taking on arts jobs!



I accomplished three of the goals I set for April: I’ve begun photographing my makes within days of making them; I took professional action by costuming a play; and I have been taking progress photos of my makes, though I have no clue what to do with them. I may have also cut into five pieces of fabric, but I’m not really sure. However much I sewed in April, I felt quite happy with.



(These will be May/June goals, since I’m writing this so late in the month.)

1. Schedule time for reading the sewing and personal style blogs I currently follow.

2. Link to all those wonderful ladies!

3. Continue to photograph progress and completion of projects.

4. Take two professional actions; one big, one small.

5. Review one magazine issue.

6. Find events to wear my fancier me-mades. (Like this one.)

7. Give away some sewing.

8. Find and post about happenings in the sewing blogosphere.

9. Explore a new form of social media. (added 5/29)

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  1. Congrats on achieving your Goals! :)

    I am with you on 6 and 7. I gave my mom 2 things that were just sitting in the closet, never to be worn and she loves them. Must give away more good sews that just aren’t working.

    And I totally need to get out of the house more! Me Made May has really helped me on the weekends. I think about what I want to wear to represent MMM and then I want to go somewhere ANYWHERE in my me-made digs!

    1. Thank you! I love that you gave your mom some of your sewing. :) I’m enjoying your Me Made May outfits — you should definitely get out and wear them! But isn’t it funny; when we have clothes to wear, we can’t think of anywhere to wear them, and when we’ve got places to go, we can’t find anything to wear. Well, I hope you at least give that jacket tons of play … it may have been tricky to sew, but you look soooooo good in it.

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