Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

I finally started tracing off Butterick pattern 5890 for PatternReview‘s LWD (Little White Dress) Contest, and totally hit a wall.

Butterick 5890

As I lack a spouse, significant other, children and extended family, and my married/childed friends do not include me in their affairs, I had to wonder when and why I’d actually have any use for a LWD.

In my life, the only reasons I get dressed are to go to work (I’m a temp) and run errands. Occasionally I go to Meetups. Generally, I try to dress down for Meetups, because I think a slightly dishevelled appearance makes one seem more approachable (think, Columbo). So until I’m well entrenched in a group, I’ll never wear a dress.

This leaves temporary work assignments and running errands. For the most part, I can wear whatever I want to these assignments, because no one expects me to preemptively know the company culture. All I have to do is dress presentably and reasonably professionally. While running errands, I can — and do — dress as casually and comfortably as I like. So my LWD has to be presentable, reasonably professional, but casual and comfortable as well.

soft, sweet, white -- perfect for a LWD?
soft, sweet, white — perfect for a LWD?

One of my (few) white fabrics with any meaningful yardage is a white knit I’d intended to turn into a baby blanket for yet another friend who was having a child. At some point, I forgot which friend this was and how I was going to use the fabric, and it’s been neglected in my stash until now. I also have several yards of a mid-weight white knit fabric. I think these two fabrics together are the perfect base for making a LWD I’ll actually wear!

All hips, all the time.

Fabric in hand, the next step is picking a silhouette that works for my body. Given that I am an ultra-pear, dresses and skirts of any kind are flattering to my figure. The flared ones mask my large lower half and the fitted ones make me look like Betty Boop (a good thing). And though Betty Boop never temped and I generally dislike male attention while running my errands, this contest is a chance for me to break out of my mold.

And that’s as far as I’ve gotten with my current line of thinking … any thoughts? Otherwise, I’m going to make Butterick 5890 out of the lovely eyelet fabric I got in Bermuda, but it would feel a little too pretty to be a grab and go item.

Eyelets from Bermuda
Eyelets from Bermuda

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