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Two fab looks for one fab McCall's 6996 skirt on Making the Flame! Body positive sewing & style.

It’s been awhile since you last saw an OOTD post on Making the Flame, hasn’t it? I hope you enjoy this post of two looks from a single make, McCall’s M6966 skirt.

ankle length
(Once upon a time this shot would be scandalously revealing.)

I didn’t have enough width to make the skirt on the envelope (look C), so I used the waist to hip part, then drew a swoop out as long as the original skirt pattern, and as wide as the fabric would allow. Which, as you can see, was not very wide.

That’s a W, kids.

My first wearing of this was to my very first Red Sox game — if you know anything about me, it should be that I am a total sports nut. To go to a Red Sox game after years and years of being a fan and listening to games on the radio, was incredibly exciting. My friend and I had a blast, and the Sox won.

sass in the office
Color for work.

My second wearing of this skirt was to work. I paired it with a silk Talbots blouse I rarely wear because prior to this make, it didn’t really match anything in my wardrobe. Now, it does! These two go together perfectly.

side arm
Showin’ some sleeve….

I was actually dubious of this skirt’s success. When I finished it, it simply looked plain. And I don’t like plain. I was bummed, but my aunt was in town from London. She sews and was interested in my work, so I gave her a little twirl and she said it was a good thing. She was right!

This is becoming a new favorite pose.

I love the waistband, which I rotated 90 degrees so that the side seams are at CB and CF. I also love the little pleats in the front of the skirt — I did that to fix my error of cutting the skirt’s waist a size bigger than I cut the waistband.

I’ve worn and photographed this skirt a few more times, and look forward to sharing those with you. In the meantime, I can’t say that I can recommend this pattern, since I barely followed it, but I can say that my aunt and I both are quite happy with the maxi skirt it inspired!

Casual look:

Top: Red Sox shirt, Pedroia (15)

Skirt: M6966, look C

Earrings: Walgreens

Bracelets: Fenway Park (red) & unknown (silver)

Shoes: Christian Siriano by Payless

Love this guy!

Work look:

Top: Talbots (blue silk), Dots (white tank top)

Skirt: M6966, look C

Earrings: So Good

Necklace: Avenue

Bracelet: unknown

Shoes: Payless

Clutching her pearls, she smiled shyly.

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