January is kicking off 2015 with a bang!

In my neck of the woods, I debuted my reversible skirt at work yesterday. Woohoo! It was very comfy, much more comfy than my work pants. I did have to wear two pairs of tights under it and three layers of tops above, but the two layers of ponte knit held their own, too. I was definitely surprised a skirt stood up so well against New England caliber cold weather.

Sneak peek at the bag I'm working on. Making the Flame. Body positive sewing.

I’m working on my third project — already! — of 2015: a pair of Floral Bags from Bags: The Modern Classics. I first made this bag in March 2013, and that bag is still in good shape today, except for where it got caught on a door jamb, oops. I’m making two bags to replace the one old bag because I needed an excuse to buy some extra cuts of fabric. It doesn’t count as stash if you sew it up right away, right?

The bag sewing book I'm using, and goodies from Wawak. Making the Flame. Body positive sewing.

Monday is my favorite day of the week, and this Monday was special because I placed my very first Wawak order! I’ve been wanting to, but their selection was so overwhelming I didn’t know what to order. I decided to go with practical items, and boyyy am I happy. That Gingher sharpening stone is a must, can’t believe I waited so long to get one. The “How to Sharpen Scissors” video by QuietBearr, though long, was helpful in figuring out how to use the stone.

Feeling particularly handy right now! Making the Flame. Body positive sewing.

Also, I changed my own lightbulb!!! I’ve been sewing in the dark for months, and it’s such strain on the eyes. Scribble’s speedy and clear tutorial “How To Change A Bulb In A Sewing Machine” showed me what to do, and I made the change in a matter of minutes. Makes me wonder if I can open up and clean my own machine …. it would save me $100+ and a week of no-sewing: the usual cost of servicing my machine at my local repair shop. Hmmm…

Photo from Style Arc website.

In the pattern world, Style Arc‘s January newsletter featured four new patterns and a steal of a deal. In addition to getting January’s free pattern, when you order two of the four new patterns you get a third one free. In other words, you can get three brand new Style Arc patterns plus a fourth pre-existing pattern, for the price of two patterns and shipping. You KNOW I jumped right on this …. Brooke, Melinda, Lani, and Fern are headed my way for a mere $32 American.

"Date Night set by carriegann713 on Polyvore.

Then, there are three exciting themes this month: polka dots in the Sewcialists camp, Jungle January at Pretty Grievances, and date night over at Pretty Girls Sew. I want to find an animal print fabric that resembles polka dots, and use it to make a date night dress/garment of my choosing, so I’ve been hunting for that perfect fabric. If I don’t find anything soon, I might end up making a polka dot date night dress, and an animal print something else. Will I finish before January ends? Who knows!

Lastly but not leastly: Making the Flame is one year old today!!! How very exciting! It’s been quite awesome to be part of the online sewing community.

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  1. YAY! Happy blog-aversary! :)

    Recently I spent $15 on tiny bulbs before finding one that fit my machine (Ace Hardware btw) so yay for light!! Hahaha!

    Can’t wait to see your January themed makes!

  2. I’m a big fan of Wawak, the selection and prices are great. Looks like your year is starting out right with a new sharpener, and a new light! Awesome that you figured out how to do all that maintenance on your own!

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