A Bit of Belly

crop top front

This is another OOTD worn during my last theater gig, which earned me beacoup compliments from the teenaged cast. (I believe that counts as one million cool points.) I was nervous about wearing a crop top in public, due to the currently engorged state of my stomach, but hey! Crop tops are on trend right now.

old look tee

The crop is a restyle; it used to be a slightly dowdy t-shirt. I restyled it by turning the back to the front (my favorite easy-restyle technique); scooping out the neckline and slashing the back open to insert a separating zipper; adding a panel of ruffles to the front, embellished by the world’s cutest buttons; shortening the length by several inches; and making them hem slightly high-low. I finished the hem with a double needle at a too-tight tension, creating a small ridge between the stitching. It’s one of my favorite design features on this top!

ruffles closeup
Check out those buttons!
back detail
Separating zipper and scooped out back. You can also kinda see the hem ridge!

The jeans used to be my faaaaaavorite pair of pants/jeans, because NOTHING is better than red pants. Seriously. When I walk down the street and see another woman in red pants, I’m both envious and pleased. There should be a red pants day or something. At any rate, this was my only pair of red pants for a very long time, and then I lost weight — enter, red denim hammer pants. Not a good look. But then I gained all the weight back! So while that sucks, it’s nice to have a viable pair of red pants again. I should probably make a backup pair though, huh?


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    1. Thank you, ma’am! I do look forward to wearing these pieces more, now that warm weather has fiiiinally arrived in New England (and hopefully in your neck of the woods as well!).

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