Black and White and Blue All Over

Mixed Chevron Maxi Dress with Belt, Avenue $60 —> WANT. So much.

I go through phases where I wear a ton of a particular color, and I feel that those colors tell the story of how I’m feeling inside. Recently, I was madly in love with black and white. I’ve since moved to neutrals … but for me, neutrals means black, blue, and white. So I really only added blue into the mix. I think this reflects going from being torn between two different life paths, to settling into a life path that doesn’t really resolve the issue.

Burst Slimming Dress, Avenue $60 –> Also WANT.

So it’s no surprise that I’m ogling these Avenue pieces, is it? But as a sewer, I’m conflicted. Should I spend the money on similar looking, better quality fabric, and make my own versions, or buy the RTW versions, which are already sewn, for $60? It’s a conundrum non-sewing shoppers don’t face. Those ladies simply wait for a sale if the price isn’t right. But I bet I could get three yards of printed jersey — silk, cotton, bamboo, whatever — for $60, and that would definitely be enough for any of these simple to sew styles.

Abstract Diamond Print Sheath Dress, Avenue $60 –> What are the chances of finding fabric similar to this?

Even this jumpsuits could be done in three yards, I’m pretty sure. I’ve got a monster size posterior, but my top half is short enough to compensate for that, as far as total yardage is concerned.

Geo Print Jumpsuit, Avenue $60 –> Maybe a better question is whether I want my shirt attached to my pants.

With Butterick pattern 5922 view C and the bit of sheer, blue-on-blue polka dot, stretch lace fabric in my stash, I bet I could make this dress:

Polka Dot Textured Dress, Avenue $68 –> Make my own?

Dilemma, dilemma. What would you do?

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