Blame It On the Rain

footsies down
My classic pose, checking out my lovely feet.

Here’s another OOTD! Today’s is a me-made, OOTD, though.

cardi shot
Another shot with the cardi (purchased in Bermuda).

This outfit consists of two very special makes: the top is McCall’s M6078, but this version is my very first attempt at this pattern. Furthermore, this is my very first make which was viable — fit well, well-stitched, I followed the pattern pieces and instructions, and picked an appropriate fabric. In short, this top is my first sewing success, the one that emboldened me to keep sewing.

Me-mades and new shoes.

The skirt was my first successful whip-up, and perhaps my first whip-up evah. I was assistant coordinator at a fashion show and needed an outfit to wear during the show (just because you work backstage, does not mean you get to look like a slob!). But I had none. I wanted to make a dress and found myself thoroughly over my head and mere hours away from needing to leave the house. I whipped out some fabric, flipped it to the wrong side, then used masking tape to sketch out my measurements. I freehand cut around the tape, stitched, and voila! Another success, which I’ve been wearing for three years.

err identical
Check out that mani…

My hair, on the other hand, is another story. What the heck kind of weather are we having here in New England??? It rained today, thereby poofing my hair until pulling it back into a low and tight bun was necessary to preserve my curl for a drier day. I mean, I know it’s spring, but today’s rain was cold and mean, not light and invigorating like it should be. Blah!

The good part of a rainy day, though, is that this song gets stuck in my head:




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