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Moving forward, I’m going to be better about sharing awesomeness I find on other sewers’ blogs. Sharing is caring! :)

STELLA JEAN Genziana tribal-print strapless dress, $755 MatchesFashion.com

Yesterday’s post on Clothing Engineer showcased yet another sold out item from MatchesFashion.com. The garment in question was a dress, which — thankfully — appears to be more thoughtfully constructed than the other MF garment CE shared on her blog. Unlike the Stella Jean Mela Hawaiian-print shirt, I actually quite like the Stella Jean Genziana tribal-print strapless dress — as I posted on CE’s blog, it’s perfect for a short waisted, bottom heavy, long-legged woman, especially a larger woman of such proportions. I love the too-heavy cotton, I love the print, I love the length — it’s a great dress! I’m definitely inspired to make one for myself, not the least because I’d like to finally tackle boning.

UGLY styling, but inspiration for swappable elements that snap on to the upper edge of the bodice.

That being said, $755???? I think I’m squandering my sewing skills … I should clearly be in the business of making atypical clothing in bright colors. I personally highly doubt the interior of this dress and the quality of the materials used warrants such a price tag. And I’m actually someone who would pay $755 for a dress, had I the money. But it has to be worth it.

Front waistline — looks homemade by a small child. Ew.

However, changes need to be made. This waistline is totally illogical garbage. Why on earth would any thinking woman want that much bulk and puffiness around her waistline??? So yes to cotton, no to bulk. It’s easy to think the fullness of the skirt would suffer if the waistline were less gathered, but there are ways to add fullness that don’t involve this horrible, horrible look. Godets, for example.

Pattern misaligned at CB, lower zip exposed due to sloppy construction, and icky, bunchy gathers.

Making this dress up definitely calls for a muslin — I’ve got some lovely cottons in my stash, too lovely to waste on mistakes. On the plus side, I suspect the drafting of this pattern will be a piece of cake! It’s laying it out on the fabric that will be a bugbear. Also, the Clothing Engineer just gave me a lovely idea about using horsehair braid in the hem of the skirt — one of the costumes in the play I’m working on is a straight hem pencil dress, and the hem was finished with HHB. CE may be on to something ….

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