Cat Got Your Tongue?

Dear readers of this blog! It’s been brought to my attention I’ve been silent for too long, and I really apologise for that. I got caught up in a play I was costuming, and I’m actually working on another play — so I’m still caught up in all that. I have been doing a little sewing, and actually photographing my makes, too.

But the truth is that I’ve been more than a little bummed lately, and out of concern for spreading my gloomy energy, stayed away from posting. Anyway. I’ll be better, especially as Sew Crafty Chemist quite sweetly bestowed a Sunshine/Shine On Award on me! (Yes, I saw that — thank you! You had me smiling for days. I will make the requisite post for that soon!)

Some quick notes while I’m here:

Sexy Month = epic fail. I did my best, but it really didn’t come out as awesomely as it was in my head. That being said, it’s better to try and fail than to not try, but … I think I’m going to stay away from themes for awhile. At least month long themes … you have no clue how limiting that was! A month is a really long time.

–I achieved some of my April goals (6/7/8), yay!

–I have resisted at least three BMV sales, in a bid to divert my pattern-money on independent pattern companies. That being said, I’m still not aware of too many independent companies that actually have patterns I want to make! The whole cutesy-rectangle thing doesn’t work for me (eliminating many, many IPC), and I’m not really into vintage/vintage-inspired dresses. Sigh. Anyway. I think Burda may work; they’re not independent, but I have almost no Burda patterns in my collection.

–Sewing = happiness. Seriously. When I don’t sew, or at least touch my fabric, my days feel like something is missing. Creative urge is real, y’all.

–Sewing bloggers — I’ve gotten wayyyy behind on my blog reading lately, too, but I’ve peeked at some posts here and there. SEWING BLOGGERS ARE AWESOME!!! (At least the ones that I follow!) Seriously, I get so excited for and inspired by the bloggers I follow. Lately I’ve really been digging Beebee’s Vintage Dress — she’s super cute, her clothes are 100% wearable and cute, and her posts are fun to read.

That’s all for now; I have to get dressed and head out to the rehearsal space, to begin costume repairs and modifications. I wish I could roll out of here rocking my pajamas and bedhead …

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  1. See! I love reading your blog! Such great energy!

    I’m not deep into Indies either. Not as any kind of “thing” against them; I just don’t see many things that I MUST have (and at the price too!). I think you’ll enjoy Burda.

    Enjoy your weekend. Hopefully you can get to some more sewing for yourself soon.

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