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Hello wonderful readers and visitors!

It’s been a looooong time since my last post, hasn’t it? And I’m supposed to apologize for that … but I can’t. What! Yeah. Life has been crazy, very crazy, and that separation from my sewing room and sewing space was all too real and surprisingly difficult. Did you know sewing withdrawal is a real thing? I found that out the hard way.


But in the absence of sewing, I’ve had time to pursue other creative outlets that fell by the wayside once I figured out how to make my own clothes, and blog about it. So since April/May, I’ve been into:

  • knitting
  • embroidery
  • quilting
  • cross stitch
  • photography
  • singing
  • writing

It’s a long list, but we’re going to focus on that last entry: writing. What have I been writing? Well, one of the things I wrote is an essay about representation, and it’s going live on the Sewcialists blog today! It’s my first ever guest post, and my first time really talking publicly about what it’s like to be a black woman in America, for me. As much as we like to think we live in a color blind society, even in my liberal neck of the woods that is not actually the case, and it creates some difficult days and experiences. The post on the Sewcialists blog is about an experience that was unexpectedly positive – because honesty does not preclude celebrating the small wins.


I just moved into a new place last weekend, which is thrilling – still in the Boston area, but a new neighborhood for me, and of course a new sewing space. This new space is magical, I can already tell. As soon as it’s set up, I’ll share it with you and finally resume sewing! But you may see that I include my other creative outlets on here, in addition to my sewing. The ‘flame’ in ‘Making the Flame’ is creative expression in all its forms; it’s time I stop separating them, and instead allow them to merge and cross pollinate. Don’t you think? Yes? Yes. I love it when we agree. :)


In the meantime, please head over to the Sewcialist blog and read today’s post, and comment if you feel moved to do so. I also recommend you poke around the archives: the Sewcialist reboot has been amazingly inclusive, relevant, and helpful, and I am sure you will find something of value to you.

Okay, bye for now! (And yes – all the photos in this post are my recent attempts at photography. You might see more like this, moving forward!)

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  1. Great photography. It’s something I was interested in doing for a while but I haven’t done much in recent years.

    The colors in that knitting are lovely.

  2. I’m glad to see you pop up on your blog again and to read your essay on Sewcialists. I recall a comment you made on one of my posts about not expecting inclusiveness or representation, and it was interesting to read your thoughts again in a fuller format. It’s fantastic that Colette is hiring representative models and having not paid a lot of attention to them recently I haven’t given them props for it. Let’s hope they set the trend in the sewing community as a whole.

    1. Hi Siobhan! Thanks for the kind words. :) It would be great if Colette did/could set a trend in the sewing community, definitely. I also remember my comments (and that super deep post of yours, so good), and wonder if there will be a day when maybe I do expect inclusiveness and representation? It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, both personally and within the community at large. But it was really satisfying to share that post, as generally I ‘bite my tongue’ when it comes to speaking out about personal issues that don’t seem very popular with others.

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