Celebrating Black History Month


I’m so excited to celebrate Black History Month on the blog this year. Growing up, it was always the most awkward month of the year, and gradually I came to dread and resent it. It seemed like every February I was suddenly supposed to have some genetic knowledge of all the great African Americans who […]

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6 Years!!


Guess which blog has been around for six years? Wooohooooo it’s blogiversary day!!! It’s so exciting and gratifying to have made it this far, and more than a little amazing. This is not my first blog, or even my second – it’s more like my third or fourth attempt at a sewing blog, and as […]

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Looking Back on 2019


Dear readers – this post comes to you two weeks before the sixth (!!!) anniversary of Making the Flame. Back in 2014, I saw a lack of plus size sewing bloggers as well as pervasive body negativity in the comment sections of blogs written by (then) conventionally attractive bloggers. Already passionately body positive, I thought […]

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2019 – A Good Year for Sewing

Happy new year! I spent 2018 mostly hunkered well below the radar, due to events so personal I didn’t want to blog about them. But happily, with the new year comes the ability to start talking about some things – and therefore, the ability to blog more regularly. First things first – I’m teaching sewing […]

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Catch Me On the Sewcialists Blog Today!


Hello wonderful readers and visitors! It’s been a looooong time since my last post, hasn’t it? And I’m supposed to apologize for that … but I can’t. What! Yeah. Life has been crazy, very crazy, and that separation from my sewing room and sewing space was all too real and surprisingly difficult. Did you know […]

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35 and Still Alive

“35 and Still Alive” – Making the Flame | Body Positive Sewing & Style

What a morbid title for a birthday post, eh? But it makes sense – today is my 35th birthday, and I’m still alive, as far as sewing goes! And soon, as far as blogging goes. :) I’ve been on hiatus for over three months to focus on personal matters. Initially, I felt guilty for disappearing, […]

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Taking a Break

“Taking a Break” – Making the Flame | Body Positive Sewing & Style

Hello dear readers :) Thanks to all of you for taking the time to visit my quirky, opinionated corner of the sewing blogosphere. It’s been awhile now – three years (and three months, and fifteen days…but who’s counting). Usually, female bloggers cease to blog, or drastically change their blog focus, due to marriage or children. […]

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