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Happy mail day at Making the Flame, body positive sewing: new Style Arc patterns!
A little something came in the post!

I got these babies last night, and I am SO EXCITED!!!!!

Backstory: one of my sewing resolutions in 2015 is to line up my makes back to back so there’s no lag time between projects. It’s taken me a ridiculous number of mini-sessions to cut and fuse (and fuse, and fuse) my current project, a pair of Floral Bags from the book Bags: The Modern Classics, but I finally finished. Sewing them up will only take me a few hours, so what’s next?

New patterns from Style Arc, January 2015.
New patterns from Style Arc

Something fabulous, courtesy of Style Arc! But *which* something fabulous — Brooke, Melinda, Fern, or Lani? Here’s where the contest comes in: I want you to guess! Leave a comment below with the pattern you think I’m going to sew up. (If there are multiple correct choices, I’ll do a drawing.)

Deadline to guess is Saturday, January 24, and the winnah gets a $30 AUD gift card to use at Style Arc. I believe it’s electronic, so the winner can immediately take advantage of the amazing deal happening at Style Arc this month!

Guess away, fearless readers! Winner will be announced on Sunday. :)

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  1. All the styles are beautiful, I think I’ve seen you on something close to Fern before and I will love to see you in Lani but i’m going to choose Melinda. I like the fit and the fact that you could easily lengthen it to a dress :) . I can’t wait to see which of the patterns you chose. I know you’ll rock any of them.

  2. With all the other guesses, I’m almost embarrassed to share my choice. I obviously don’t think like everyone else out there, but after all that fusing and bag making, I would undoubtedly enjoy making something easy and cute like Melinda. So I vote for Melinda.

    BTW, I don’t think I’ve read your blog before, but I like the way you are so proactive in motivating yourself to sew by lining up your project one right after the other. I dither around so that it takes me forever to make up my mind about what to do next. Either than or I get a project i rather dread but need to do. If i had a fun project already lined up after it, I think it would really motivate me to get it done. I’m “stuck” making the pattern for a garden organizer for a bucket right now, so I think I’ll just adopt your approach and pick out a fun project to do after this one is done. That should light a fire under me.

    Thanks for the tip about the sharpening stone at Wawak from a previous post. It’s been a while since I’ve ordered, but i’ll have to keep that in mind for next time. I can’t wait to find out what your next project will be.

    1. Wow, Nadine! How awesome that you put so much thought into your guess — no need to be embarrassed about that. I really appreciate your kind words, and as for my little tricks: either I took them from people smarter than me, or I made them up out of necessity. ;)

      I do hope the sharpening stone works for you, I love mine already. One tip, though; definitely unscrew your scissors to more easily (and safely) sharpen the full length of the cutting blade. Getting the screw back in is a bit fiddly, but totally worth it.

      1. Thanks for the tip. I probably would have just done it the easy way and not taken them apart, but now that you mention it, this probably wouldn’t be the safest way to do it. My son only recently taught me how to use a whetstone on knives, so this shouldn’t be too hard for me. I could try using the old whetstone I have, but my scissors are too important to me for me to risk messing them up, and I suspect the Gingher one is probably made specifically the right coarseness for scissors. This will save me a boatload of money because i have several pair of small Ginghers that really need sharpening, too. I’m really excited about trying this now. Thanks for the encouragement!!!

  3. Melinda! That’s the pattern I’m waiting for right now, so I’d love to see someone else make it, too!

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