Converting to Convertible

“Marilyn” Short Convertible Dress-Black, Monif C $195 … LBD and a convertible dress, all in one? Perfection!

I stumbled upon Monif C‘s convertible dress videos, and watched all of them I could find — that’s a full hour of Youtube time! Not only am I sold on the awesomesauce-ness of convertible dresses, but I learned many ways to wrap the straps.

Butterick pattern 5342 … From the waistband down, this dress suits my figure well, and it would be easy to replace the bodice with straps.

I’ve been a fan (though not yet customer) of Monif C for a number of years now, but when convertible dresses hit the mainstream, I was not impressed. For a reason I no longer remember, I completely wrote them off and refused to even try one on! (I’m a lot more open minded now, thank goodness.) Lately I’ve been trying to revamp my image into something more feminine, and wayyyy more mainstream — so everything I see other women wearing, I put on my to-try list.

Simplicity pattern 1689, Leanne Marshall Collection … this also has a waistband, so easy to replace bodice w/straps.

I don’t know if I have the right fabric in my stash to make myself a convertible dress, but it seems easy enough to sew — it’s just a skirt with straps attached. That being said, Monif C’s convertible dress, the Marilyn, is the nicest I’ve seen in plus or standard sizes! I hope whatever I make measures up to the bar she’s raised.

For a taste of inspiration, check out Monif C’s wrap video #6:

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