Copy Cat (Butterick, Spring 2016)

B6330, Misses' Jacket, Elastic-Waist Dress, Romper and Jumpsuit

That awkward moment when a giant pattern company appears to be directly ripping off a wildly popular indie pattern…not a great start to the collection, B6330. Sigh.

B6333, Misses'/Miss Petite/Women's/Women Petite Shirtdress and Sash

And yet, here is redemption! Princess seams through the shoulder seam, *and* it comes in plus sizes? Oh, swoon. :)  B6333 is a winner in my book. The longer I sew, the less I want to spend time fussing with patterns. I’ve been looking for princess seams through the shoulder for quite some time; now my search is over.

B6322, Misses' Ruched Corset-Style Dress

I don’t sew Gertie patterns and they don’t appeal to me, but doesn’t she look so happy here? I’m a sucker for a smiling person. B6322 if you’re of the Gertie/vintage persuasion. She’s got another pattern in this new collection, but if I had to choose one it would be this one. The ruched neckline is a nice touch.

B6318, Misses' Tie-Waist Dress

This waist detail has been popping up pretty routinely in Butterick collection releases. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Have any of you sewn a dress with this crossover detail? It’s generally a vintage pattern feature, but given my large belly and short torso, I’m not sure it’s right for me. I do like the look of it, though I don’t like B6318‘s tie in the back. I feel like it should have been turned into a back waistband or something.

B6321, Misses' Square-Neck Dresses

The line drawings don’t do B6321 any justice!!! What a fabulously cute summer dress. The square neckline and the contrast of the little flaps, are so darling. Aaaaand pockets! This is another pattern I’d like to have in my collection.

B6332, Misses' Collarless Jacket, Dress, Skirt and Pants

Butterick has some truly go-to wardrobe collections. B6322 is great because it has modern details, like the curved hem and raised waist on the skirt, plus the jacket which can look hip and young or more mature, depending on fabric choices. I thought it was fun that they styled one of the looks for this pattern, with jeans. Really gives you a sense how these pieces can play nice with any RTW one may have.

B6331, Misses' Raglan Sleeve Trench Jacket and Tapered Pants

Speaking of copying…B6331 reminded me of a more accessible version of Vogue V9140, but comparing the line drawings I can see the two jackets are quite different. Still, though…maybe it’s the slouchy silhouette of the two jackets, they seem similar to me!

B6326, Misses' Raised-Waist or Elastic-Waist Skirts

Another super useful pattern that comes in plus sizes! B6326 is a high-waisted, princess seam, midi length, pencil skirt. It’s actually quite similar, in that respect, to Butterick B5249, but B6326 is more streamlined and updated to reflect current styling. Also, B6326 has way more options than B5249, which is basically the same exact skirt with minor variations.

I’ve left a number of patterns off this list of goodies, because I liked so many patterns in this collection! The historical costumes, the See & Sew goodies, the drawstring bag, etc. However, there was one pattern that had me scratching my head:

B6310, Misses' V-Neck Flounce-Hem Tops

What is this? Is it a top, or a dress? Why the flounce? What’s up with the lace? Who thought this was a good idea??????? No, no, no. Just say no to B6310. Or turn it into something amazing and win the ultimate bragging rights for saving it from itself.

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