I’ll Cry If I Want To

Lauren Geo Print Dress, Boohoo $40

Another gem I stumbled on, courtesy of those famous eighteen fashion bloggers, is Boohoo. Apparently it’s a British store/brand that is expanding to the US, and to plus sizes! They don’t go up to my size (22, though I’m probably a 24 now … thanks, emotional eating!), but I did see some noteworthy pieces and the prices are good.

Lydia Geo Jacquard Dress, Boohoo $45

I feel a little monotonous, picking only black and white pieces, but maybe that means I’m not really feeling this year’s fashion colors.

Maya Illusion Panel Dress, Boohoo $45

Actually, I think that’s exactly what’s going on! I remember the first thought I had upon seeing the 2014 Spring/Summer colors was, ‘Ewwwwwwwwww’.

Jazmin Printed Midi Dress, Boohoo $36

Well, this is why I sew — because you can bet your bippy my fabric stash is a rainbow!


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  1. These dressed are really cute! I can’t believe that the model is supposed to be modeling plus sizes?! I guess maybe because she’s not a size 0?

    1. Right??? Luckily, most plus size clothing retailers have realized that we want to see the clothes on a truly representative model, so this doesn’t happen as much as it used to.

      And yes, these dresses are super cute! Your comment got me looking at them again, and I think I can sew my own version of most, if not all, of them. #Sewingwin!

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