The Cutie in Aisle Four

One month ago today, I know exactly what I wore.

Arms akimbo.

How is that you ask? Well, I went to the supermarket wearing a me-made and my new sandals, and took some photos to share with all of you.

in secret
Hiding leg …

The skirt is McCall’s M6725, which I’d like another stab at. In my mind, this skirt would look better with more fullness and perhaps a drawstring waistband, instead of the existing elastic waistband. Something about the way the elastic draws up the fabric looks awkward to me (even though you can’t see that detail, sorry). To grade it up to my size, I added 1 1/4″ into the front pattern piece and 1 3/4″ to the center back fold, for an increase of 6″ overall. I also increased the length by 1″. Adjusting the length is a modification I have to do to pretty much every McCall’s/Butterick pattern I use, and for the life of me I cannot figure out why. I usually have to lengthen pants and shorten skirts and dresses, so this particular adjustment was a little out of place. And as you can see, I could probably add another four inches, perhaps five if I want to wear this skirt with heels.

… showing leg! Gams, gams, gams.

The top is from Dots (RIP), perhaps summer of 2013?  My shoes are from Payless, Spring of 2014, and my earrings are OLD. Seriously. We’re talking four years, easy, and I never pay more than $5-$10 or so for any piece I own. To say I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of these earrings would be to say the ground gets wet when it rains.

Hope you enjoyed today’s look!

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