Desperately Seeking Closure

This past Sunday, the show I’ve been working on closed — and this is what I wore:

f f f feelin' it
Feelin’ myself (Dolla voice).

I didn’t actually start the day off with the tie. It was a costume item that I had to preset for a quick change, by tying it so the actor could easily slip it over his head while I tied his shoes. I noticed that it matched my outfit, so when it came time to strike the costumes, I kept it for myself.

(I’m fully aware that was a ton of jargon. Just pretend I’m practicing a foreign language. :p)

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It’s getting hot in herre …

I wore this outfit intentionally because I’d had a long week, I was tired, and wearing whatever the heck I feel like makes me feel better. The cardi is a souvenir from an NYC TJ Maxx, and a point of personal pride. It was damaged, so I got a slight discount — then I went home and fixed the damage, which repair has held up to this day! The top is Michael Kors, from Macy’s, 2012 or early 2013. The leggings are made by me, using my TNT of McCall’s M6173.

Interestingly, I wore this exact look (minus the accessories) for a date earlier this year and the guy never called me for a second date. I was bummed and blamed my outfit until I realized I looked good, and wasn’t particularly crazy about him anyway. *shoulder shrug*

both hands
Earrings & tie.
Little toesies, painted blue.

For accessories, I’m wearing new earrings, the aforementioned tie, and gold wedge sandals. The shoes are last season from Payless (they love both my dollars and my giant feet), and I wear them sparingly. They’re awesome and really catch the light, but they actually make small cuts on my feet every time I wear them. Beauty is pain, n’est pas?

Also, hope you like the new close up shots! Remember the article by Allspice Abounds that I mentioned a few days ago? I saw her tips in action on Wendy’s Lookbook, here and here, and got all fired up to emulate her example.

soft edges
Behold! A manicure, past its prime.

Today’s title comes from one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, Desperately Seeking Susan. It was just so … pointless. Not in the sense that the plot was missing, but in the sense of why on earth did they make the movie in the first place? That being said, it’s a great title. Very melodramatic — and who doesn’t love a bit of over-the-top-ness?


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