Equal Opportunity

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I’m a larger lady who believes it’s good for large women to love our bodies. That being said, I do not bear any ill will toward slimmer ladies! I passionately want women of all sizes to love our bodies and move past being social objects, subject to unsolicited commentary and judgment from others. I feel that body image posts apply to all women, and happily, sewing is custom sized.

As for the fashion element, I’m torn. On the one hand, 99.9999999% of all fashion coverage and fashion design is for slimmer ladies — so why add my blog to the cacophony? On the other hand, I’ve learned a lot and gotten great ideas from browsing the misses section in clothing stores, as well as talking fashion and body image with slimmer ladies. And I believe that splitting women up into size ranges — as if we were born with them stamped on our little infant foreheads — is a most insidious divide and conquer scheme.

So it may be that, moving forward, you’ll see more standard-size fashion brands featured on my blog. Certainly, I’m a HUGE fan of Burberry Prorsum (yeah, I’m a church rat with fat cat tastes), and I’d love to share what I’m ogling with you!

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