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Blog leads to blog, and someone’s blog led me to Pretty Grievances — lucky for me!

The tagline for my blog is: ‘sewing/style/fashion’, but it’s rare I blog about fashion. Somehow, I’ve never found the right formula … but PG has! Every Wednesday, she features (or roasts) a different high end fashion designer. Even if you have no interest in high end fashion, PG is hi-larious, her commentary will have you in stitches.

Last week, she featured Rachel Comey, and I fell in love with this dress:

Rachel Comey, courtesy of Pretty Grievances

Something about it spoke to me: the way the fabric hangs like mid weight shirting; the wide, deep V-neckline, stark and unadorned; the rolled-up sleeves reminding this reformed tomboy of a childhood spent wearing my older brother’s hand-me-downs; the volumes of skirt hanging down, constrained only by a belt. It’s literally the coolest plain dress I’ve ever seen, and I couldn’t stop looking at it.

Well, over the weekend BMV had a sale (yes, I know … don’t judge me!), and I noticed Vogue carries Rachel Comey patterns. And then I found this one:

Vogue V1247 (Rachel Comey) – Misses’ Top and Skirt

I had probably seen it before and dismissed it as wrong for my style and my figure, but this time …. well, this time I pulled the trigger. :) I know I don’t have time to make this up any time soon, but I love that there’s a sewing blogger who gets the connection between real fashion and sewing, and does the leg work for those of us who are still trying to work it out.

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  1. I love 1247! Its the only pattern I know by number. That top leds itself to so much creativity- colorblocking, texture, straight up solid- not that I have that much class and restraint!
    Thanks for the compliments! Im simpering behind my fan.

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