Firing on All Cylinders

These lovely creations take time to come to fruition, too.

One of my sewing resolutions this year is to sew one thing at a time. I’m a super slow sewer, and I worried this would make me even slower, but I relish the whole process of sewing and decided it’s more important to me to be in the moment than to rush myself and abandon projects before they’re 100% done and awesome. This has actually turned out well: focusing on just making my most recent Fiona Top led to a FABULOUS cardigan that I L-O-V-E love. Like, really.

So now I’m working on just a pencil skirt. But not any old pencil skirt! This skirt is going to be a reversible, ponte knit pencil skirt with a secret elastic waistband and trimmed darts. What can I say, I love fussy little details no one can see! The pattern is a mashup of my personal pencil skirt pattern and Lekala 5088.

This skirt. This worn out old thing.

I swear, it started off innocently enough: my only black pencil skirt is worn the heck out, so of course I need a new one. Then I decided to copy the secret elastic waistband from McCall’s M6966. Then I decided that dart uptake would make the waistband extra bulky, and trimmed it off. (I’ve done this before: you only  need about 1/8″ seam allowance, but you must stitch the dart extra well to ensure the garment won’t fall apart there … as you basically are building a giant hole into your make!) Then I wanted to line it and realized that, because of the waistband, I could make the whole shebang reversible! I’m only working on this one project, so why not load it with gimmicks, eh?

crippity crop pencil skirt shot
Click the photo to watch the video. (How technological, eh?)

I pressed out the folds in one piece of the ponte in a video, so you can kiiiinda see what I’m working with. It’s a black-on-warm ivory colored abstract/animal print, so that side will fit right in with my wardrobe. The other side will be solid black. I’ve finished cutting out the animal print pieces — there are only two, yet another reason why knit pencil skirts are awesome — and today hope to press and cut the pieces from the black ponte. Work is still really busy but should calm down by Wednesday, so I’m hoping to have this skirt finished by next Sunday. Yes, the pencil skirt I started on January 1 may take until January 11 to finish!


The other resolution I made is to have one project lined up before I finish the project I’m working on, to reduce lag time between projects and to keep me sewing often and regularly.  It’s only the 4th but there is already so much going on to inspire my next make, I need another blog post to cover it!

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  1. This is exactly how I sew, and I really enjoy it. Yes, it takes forever to get anything finished, but my brain can only do one thing *well* at a time. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your new approach, and I’m looking forward to seeing your finished skirt! A reversible pencil skirt is a great idea. I bet you’ll get a ton of wear out of it.

  2. I like your idea of taking your time, while sewing. My motto is cut one day, sew the next! That way, I force myself to do other things, like take a walk. I can’t wait to see your finished skirt and I’m very curious about the waistband. I hope you tell and show us more about that in your next post! :)

    1. You’ve got a great motto! It really is important to diversify activities, especially since sewing makes time fly. I’ll make a point of taking photos of the waistband process, hopefully they’ll be useful in a blog post. :)

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