Five and a Half Yards of Awesomeness


To say that I’ve bought a lot of fabric in my day would be quite the understatement. Given my numerous encounters with beautiful fabrics, I don’t impress easy. But.


I first set eyes on this gorgeous creature on Sunday. It was in the back of the fabric store, in the corner, mixed in with its brethren – textured knits. Tall, dimensional, and black and white all over, I had to know if it felt as good as it looked. I touched the roll. Its cream colored floats yielded easily under my hand.


But what’s this? They weren’t even the right side of the fabric! The right side – classy, simple, but oh so dynamic – featured white dashes on a black background. As an avowed collector of black and white, textured, fabrics with abstract or geometrical prints, I was completely in love.


The number on the price tag was steep. Maybe too steep. What’s this stuff made of? Hmm…half bamboo, half organic cotton. I touched the roll again. Stroked it, really. And then I walked away. I was, after all, on the clock. And my job duties did not include shopping for my personal stash.


A few hours later, a nice man stood holding a toll roll of fabric. Nearsighted, the hairs raised on the back of my neck. Could it be? Could this man be touching my fabric? He was too far away to tell. I smiled at him, inviting him closer. “Can I cut that for you?” I asked.

“Yes!” A heart-stopping reply. I could tell there wasn’t much left on the roll. If he had a big project, I was out of luck.

“How much would you like?” Still smiling broadly. Partly because he was pleasant, partly because it was my job, and partly because if I didn’t smile, I would cry. Clearly, the fabric gods were testing me. Did I really want that fabric? Or did I want to let it fall into other people’s hands while I dithered?


From their limitless, yet lint-free, textile paradise, they saw my inner turmoil. They saw how the pain made clear my desire, and knew that I would do what was necessary to bring home the luscious bounty that had crossed my path. And they cut me a break.

“Half a yard, please.”

Angels sang, but I barely heard them because my relief was too great. My knees wobbled with joy. I cut his half yard – carefully – with happiness, sent him on his way with a big smile, and later that night…well. *wink*


I bet you’re wondering what I’m going to make with this amazing find. I’ll probably make something cool. It’s cool fabric. But fabrics like this are not about making; fabrics like this are about having. Not because they’re too precious to cut into – nothing is – but because true love is hard to find, and heart-stopping fabric is just as elusive.

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  1. Congratulations on your awesome find! Tell Virginia (or whoever handles the ordering) she should order some more (preferably in other colors as well)! I am always a sucker for a good navy.

  2. LOL That’s exactly why I can’t work in a fabric store. Fabric would “follow me home” every day. That fabric looks so soft and comfy.

  3. Oh, I know exactly how you feel! I don’t care if they’re always making new fabrics. I want *that* fabric! Perhaps that’s why I have way too much that I haven’t sewn yet? Hope you’ll share what you make from that lovely stuff.

    1. Yesssss you get it! I totally have a stash ‘issue’. Not problem. :) I will def share whatever this fabric turns into – with the yardage and width, I’m sure I’ll get many fabulous frocks out of it.

    2. Oh, yes! Notions! I have become a button stasher in recent years. I used to only buy them as I needed them but then I had to order some buttons online so I ordered several styles because I wasn’t sure which ones would go the best and that was the beginning of my button stash.

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