Five Minute Skirt

Dirndl Skirt, Jan 2014
Floral print dirndl skirt.

Okay, this skirt took longer than five minutes to make, but it’s really the easiest thing you can possibly make. Is it flattering? Hm, not sure. Is it cute? Heck yes! In a drapier fabric — I used a crisp, light, mid weight cotton — I think it would suit most bodies, and allow the fabric do all the heavy lifting of being attractive.

Dirndl Skirt, Jan 2014
Giving the skirt its full due.

My fabric had a border print parallel to the selvage, so I folded a two yard piece of fabric in half, along the straight grain. I pressed the fold and cut on the fold. (The pressing was done to make the cutting neater and easier.) Then I measured up from the bottom of the print to determine the length of my skirt, and cut off the excess. I used the excess to make a casing for a 1″ elastic, and then I double folded the hem under, and did a catch stitch to hold it in place. I could just as well have done a blind hem on my machine, but I suck at blind hems on the machine. And I think it’s good to have solid hand sewing skills, anyway.

Dirndl Skirt, Jan 2014
Ugh, looks like a mugshot, but it’s a good shot of the waistline.

I don’t know if I’ll wear this skirt out of the house, but I’m trying to get myself in the habit of wearing cute clothes to kick around the house in. It sits much higher on my waist than every other skirt I own, so I have no clue what kind of top I’d wear this with if I did want to go out in it … I’m not really feeling the sleeveless polo shirt I have on in these pictures. Ideas? Suggestions? I’m all ears!

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