Foray Into Green, M6966

Look, a new skirt! My sew-jo is on fire right now.

mccall's m6966 skirt maxi easy green plus size sewing

I dreamed up this outfit when I saw hot days on the horizon: polka dot Burda 6789, and this new skirt — McCall’s M6966 in a green print. I like clashing prints, I’ve made this skirt before, and for whatever reason, I want to wear green.

mccall's m6966 skirt maxi easy green plus size sewing

Historically, I refused to wear green even though I appreciated its many shades. I once made a chart of what colors mean in the context of a woman’s wardrobe, and attributed the wearing of green to individualists who did not care what other people thought of them. It wasn’t that they dislike people, they simply know their own minds enough to not need input. Despite being unconventional, green wearers had a refreshing honesty that others responded well to, and so usually were well liked.

It confounded me how well liked greenies were, given how hard I — unsuccessfully — worked to be liked. I envied their popularity, but could not bring myself to be as light hearted as they were! So imagine my surprise over the past year, as green crept into my stash. Even into a make or two, in small quantity. But this skirt is special in that it is my first blatantly green make.

mccall's m6966 skirt maxi easy green plus size sewing

It’s also special in that I didn’t make a single modification to the pattern! Shocker, right? I didn’t use contrast fabrics, or anything. I followed the directions, I even followed the cutting layout. I was so focused on making this skirt that I chucked all my fiddly habits and focused on the end goal.

mccall's m6966 skirt maxi easy green plus size sewing

This is my second attempt at M6966. I wasn’t super keen on my first version and I’m definitely not keen on this version. It does my figure no favors whatsoever. The waistband, though clever, is awkwardly wide and bulky, and the skirt billows out from the fullest part of my lower body. Looking at Pattern Review, I see that this skirt looks better on omen with a proportional or small lower half (hourglass/apple/rectangle), because the ease can hang straight down. On us hippy sort, it billows out — we don’t need the extra ease in the skirt because it’s already built in to our bodies! If I make another one, I’m going to reduce the ease at the hip to 0″ or 1″ at the very most, and see how that works out.

On the plus side, I made this whole thing in one sitting, so it’s a quick and easy sew. Using my sewing machine only, I sewed it up in a bit over two hours. (With a serger and coverstitch machine, I expect this skirt could be made in one hour.) And I did a pretty darned good job of sewing on this one! So I’m going to donate it when I get sick of drowning my hips in fabric. Ultimately, I do recommend this skirt as a quickie wardrobe builder, but definitely be mindful of the silhouette it will make on your body.



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  1. I love the “print blocking”, your poses always make me smile :-)

    Your skirt looks great, well done!

    I quite like green, especially if it’s emerald green.

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