Friday Followup, August Edition

O-tay! Hello everybody! Do you know what month we’re in? MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! Excitement!

… and, that’s all I’ll say about that.

I’ve only written two FF posts in my almost seven months of blogging. Eek! I want to get better about this moving forward. My last FF post was three months ago….smh. I’ll make this followup as concise as possible, don’t want you falling asleep on me.

May 11: I’ve taken a few hits, but I feel that my mental and emotional health and maturity are learning and developing and getting quite strong. Yay! A happy Ebi (that’s me!) is an Ebi who blogs and sews and does other things.

May 12: There’s always another chance to get it right. I wore this the following month!

May 15: Looking at this dress again, it’s super ugly. But I like the African-ish fabric and the full skirt coming out of a fitted bodice. Maybe a pleated skirt? Deep and/or double box pleats could create serious fullness. Anyway, it’s not super crucial — if it happens, it happens.

May 23: Major fail! I got tired of wrangling too-small patterns to fit my much-larger body, and put this project on ice. Especially since I’ve found similar patterns that come in my size.

May 25: It’s all come together! These Talbot’s pants, plus my own pants muslin in progress, plus Simplicity 1696, plus the fabric I got from Yetunde Sarumi, with visual inspiration from Sew Deputy and Erica B.’s DIY Style.

May 30: One of the perks of my new job is a perfect place for taking OOTD selfies, so I’ve been snapping them and posting them to Instagram. Follow me!

June 2: I didn’t branch out onto Tumblr and Polyvore, but I did start reading and following more sewing blogs! And I went to a sewing meetup, and I hope to have sewing play dates as summer turns into fall.

June 11: Y’know, I still haven’t lifted a finger to try Burda, not even the two hard copy Burda patterns I have in my stash. It just hasn’t been convenient, what can I say? At least this note can be a reminder to check them out.

July 7: I made the Fiona Top! Post on it is forthcoming.

July 20: I’m making B6041 view A out of the ‘love’ fabric right now. How exciting to see an idea through, from inspiration to (eventual) completion!


I was asked about a Lekala coat and Simplicity backpack I wanted to make, but still haven’t. I think they’re both good fall projects. so they’ll come up again later this month and in early September.

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