Friday Followup, March Edition

I notice that I’ll blog about something, and then not follow up about how it went. That’s not very polite of me, is it? So on the first Friday of every month, I’m going to go through my old posts and bring you up to speed on everything I mentioned and then … didn’t.

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January 23: I did finish both projects! I still need to post photos of the skirt, though I did wear it out of the house. However, I cannot post the photos of me in the jumpsuit. *wink* Upon reviewing my photo shoot in that lovely garment, I realized it’s a bit sheer … and I definitely was not wearing any undergarments! Oops! So those photos stay in the vault, and you’ll just have to trust me that I really did finish the jumpsuit.


February 4: I made a second muslin of this pattern (which I did not photograph, boo), and I think I worked out all the fit kinks. However, I realized I really don’t like boyshort panties. So now I have to alter the pattern to be a brief or bikini panty. Needless to say, this is not at all urgent for me. I actually don’t like fancy panties, I’m trying to make myself make/buy/wear them in a bid to be more feminine. Blugh. Expect these panties to be pending for awhile. Also, I did mention buying a bunch of Kwik Sew patterns; here they are below! I haven’t really used any of them … lingerie sewing doesn’t appeal to me, it’s kind of something I think I have to do.

kwik sew pattern haul
My very first Kwik Sew patterns.

January 22: I haven’t cut this shirt out! The fabric and buttons are sitting in the same pile they’ve been in for weeks. Geesh. On the plus side, I saw a great b&w outfit on Grown and Curvy Woman that I could totally duplicate …. if I ever actually make this shirt.

January 20: I still haven’t bought the Paper Bag Pants and Upline Jacket from Sewn Square One, but happily I’ve got work — and therefore money — for the whole month of March. So, purchase of these treats is forthcoming!


February 2: I 100%, absolutely hate this skirt. It’s dumpy and frumpy and I hate it!!! But I love the hem, I did a fabulous job. So, I’m going to turn it into a dress. It will be along the lines of M5971 in that it will have a fitted top of some kind, a waistband, and then a full skirt, but other than that I’ve got no idea. I simply refuse to let such a cute piece of sewing go to waste! (And I just as much refuse to wear it if it’s going to make me look frumpy.)

January 16 & January 30: I ended up going with the Bermuda eyelet fabric, and I cut a dress as long as I could manage from the yardage of fabric I had … only to end up with a dress that is too short! Now, I admit part of the problem is my prudery, because the dress is certainly longer than say, a tennis dress. But I am not Serena Williams, so I put this dress on hold, racking my brains for a way to make it work.

Happily, I think I’ve come up with a solution! If I cut the dress at the waist line, I can trim the bodice with some of the scalloped selvage, then attach the skirt to underlap the trim, and then also trim the skirt. That should give me about three and a half extra inches on top of the length of the garment, transforming it from “athletic” wear to something decent. Yay! Pictures to come, when I put my money where my mouth is.

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