Friends and Brothers

Some people are creatures of habit, and some are thrill seekers. I was a Very Cautious Person until my early 20s, when I finally got sick of being called fussy, stubborn, close-minded, etc. I’m not 100% free spirit yet, but I am a lot more open to possibility now.

Friday night style.

So when it was time to have dinner with a friend, I suggested we go somewhere new to both of us. She happened to pick a restaurant near my brother’s house, and I invited him to join us — totally spontaneous, and cool that it worked out that way.

half past o clock
It’s just about …. half past whatever-the-heck-I-feel-like o’clock.

I feel it is rare that I’m in situations where I can wear 100% what I want. Friday night casual dinner with a friend and a visit with my brother? Perfect opportunity to do my own thing!

back free
It does add nice visual interest, though.

The top is McCall’s M6078, my TNT. However, I did look A of this top, which I’ve only ever done this one time. I’m not a fan of the wrap back, and it is HUGE! See how loose it is, and I’m about thirty five pounds heavier now than I was when I made this thing. The main problem is the width of the neckline, it’s simply too wide for my frame — by several inches. You see that elastic I’ve added? That’s not a design feature, that’s purely functional.

california girl
Leggings! Popped collar! And other curiosities.

The leggings are my TNT leggings, McCall’s M6173, which I wore in another outfit featuring a denim outer layer. I think these go well with denim, but I don’t want to be repetitive. I’ll have to find/make new pairings for these leggings!

chest out
Silver, silver, everywhere.

The other details of this outfit: jacket from Target, December 2013; earrings from Walgreens, summer 2013; necklace from Avenue, 2013; bracelet from somewhere in Harvard Square, 2003 ish, shoes from Payless, 2012 or 2011.

the look en totale
All pieces.


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