This is my second time making Simplicity 2406 by Cynthia Rowley, and I did look B both times. I used similar fabric in each instance: slinky, drape-y, poly/spandex. I wasn’t crazy about my first version, and I’m not crazy about this one … but they’re both viable garments, so in my closet they go.

unbelted glory
Another view without the belt.

Fun factoid about  me: I hate belts. It’s one thing to wear a belt on jeans and pants to prevent gapping in the back, but I don’t like belting tops or dresses. However, this pattern is so easy … what can I say.

Fully self-faced sleeves.

I do, however, love the sleeves on this and look forward to using this idea on other garments. Look at how nicely I sewed them! They’re the only part of the dress I made an effort to sew well — the rest of the dress is so meh.

lots o' leg

I really don’t like the gathering at the CF neckline. It wasn’t as pronounced in my first version because I didn’t mark the ‘gather between’ notches correctly (laziness/sloppiness), but in this version I made a point of being meticulous with notch placement.

Styled like a Greek goddess.

This is probably my favorite photo of this dress. Here, you can see its potential — imagine scooping out the front neckline, widening and lengthening the sash, and making a seriously high-low hem — sensual, inviting, but still conservative enough for my understated style.

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