The Groundhog, the Temp, and the Closet

Thanks to my awesome agent, I’ve been temping full time since the first week of February. Prior to this stint, I had a public-facing job over the summer. My wardrobe was so bad (and my employer so generous) that I was given a clothing stipend to get my appearance on the right track. Prior to that? Three years of unemployment, gigs in the theater, and college classes. Needless to say, I dressed the part.

camo creamsicle
NSFW leggings.

But now I’m playing a different role. I’m trying to be a credible temporary worker, and though I know my appearance has been appropriate so far (thanks to that clothing stipend), I’m running into a #firstworld problem: I wear the same thing every week.

How often do I wear thee? Let me count the days…

As a sewer, it should be easy to to remedy this. But I specifically got into sewing to make the clothes I envisioned in my dreams. Not office wear. And I’m stubborn (#leolife), so I don’t want to make office wear. My sweet baby Pfaff was not made for drudgery! But she was made for dresses, and dresses are a good way to make fun clothes that can also be worn to the office.

oh no you d'int
Like this, minus the Attitude and the exposed bra straps.

I’ve got a lot of dresses in the pipeline, so hopefully over the next few weeks you’ll see them all finished and modeled! And even more hopefully, I’ll stop falling asleep every time I  open my closet. *yawn*

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