Happy Birthday, Tom Brady

Today is Tom Brady’s 37th birthday!

“Tom Brady: More confident now than ever throwing the football” — CBSSports.com

Tom Brady has been a huge inspiration and example to me over the years. He went from this:

“2014 Athletic Development, Part 4/5: Athleticism is Invisible” by Ben Fairchild

to this:

“Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady drop $14M on Manhattan home” — UPI.com

… along the road of winning a few Super Bowls, losing a few Super Bowls, marrying a super model, and fathering a handful of children.

His transformation shows what can happen when we persevere in the pursuit of our goals, and open ourselves to new ways of being. Yay for success through hard work stories! Let’s go PATRIOTS!!!!

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  1. Lol, the guys at work HATE Tom Brady for all of these reasons :). One of them says his wife barely knows anything about football aside from the fact that Tom Brady plays it.

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