Harper’s Bazaar, February 2014

Harper's Bazaar, Feb 2014
Harper’s Bazaar, Feb 2014

Daria Webowy, the model on the cover, is supposedly some kind of legend …. yeah. Never heard of her. I always get amused when I’ve never heard of someone who’s supposed to be legendary, even though it could be more of me living under a rock than a bad case of hyperbole.

Harper's Bazaar, Feb 2014
~ diversity ~

I’m always on the look out for diversity in fashion, and spotted these four examples in the magazine. Clockwise from the top, we have an ad featuring an older woman that isn’t exaggerating her wrinkles or presenting her in any way other than the mature (and lovely) creature she is. She may be famous, I don’t know. And I forgot to note what brand this is for, but I remember it’s a high end luxury brand.

I love this ad for Versace featuring Lady Gaga‘s actual face. I know she’s known for her wacky costumes, but I strongly suspect her management team had her take that tack because she’s not conventionally beautiful by today’s standards. But the fact of the matter is all kinds of features can be beautiful, or at the very least presented in their best light. I’ve seen videos of Ms. Gaga performing before she hit it big and she totally looked like a 70s hippy — long, brown hair, natural face, not pretty but very healthy and womanly looking. This ad kind of goes back to that.

And thank you, Maybelline, for using a black model who is actually dark! It’s so nice to see how their colors look on skin tones darker than cafe con leche. I think more ads like this will prove something I’ve always believed (and I’m backed up on this by thousands of black Youtube makeup videos), which is that you can put any color on dark skin that you can put on light skin, with very few exceptions on either side.

That being said, I’m equally in favor of lighter-skinned brown models, and I love the clever use of Joan Small‘s complexion to play off the bag she’s modelling. The clothing, the bag, her skin, her makeup — all parts were clearly well thought and well planned, and the result is wonderful.

Harper's Bazaar, Feb 2014
~ color ~

Left to right, we have the real reason I “read” Harper’s Bazaar: fashion!

Firstly, I love these new items from ICB in Harper’s Bazaar online store! Last year, I saw hints of rich blue being the ‘it’ color in early spring, and fell in love with the blue/white/black color scheme — I even made a skirt in those colors! It would be so exciting if that shade of blue and that color scheme came back again this year, so I can bring out my skirt for another season.

Ah, Gisele — so perfect, so rich, so unfairly married to my favorite golden boy. (Who has been struggling lately — c’mon Pats, you totally underpaid him on his last deal, the least you could do is use the cash to get him some solid receivers. And we need defense!!!!) Anyway, the point is that her hair looks AMAZING in this photo, but as a New England local I’ve seen her in enough photos to know that her hair is actually kind of ordinary. So I got a good chuckle out of this ad.

I love this shoe by MGSM, but I’ve got elephant feet. I’m crossing my fingers that Payless comes out with a knock off this year … last year, they had the ugliest, plainest shoes all spring and summer long. A nice floral pump with bold colors would be a good step in the right direction for Spring/Summer 2014. Hm, maybe I should do a post on shoes?

It’s hard to see, but that Burberry Prorsum clutch is oddly fabulous … and odd. I do love Burberry Prorsum, though, so I might be biased in favor of the quirk here. Thank goodness I’m poor and fat, or Burberry would have my paycheck every season!

As for Peter Pilotto‘s new Target collection … I keep seeing ads for it, and it’s slowly growing on me. I doubt the pieces will come in plus sizes, but I do like the collection’s palette and I’m interested to see what kind of silhouettes customers go for, given the really bold colors being used.

Harper's Bazaar, Feb 2014
~ skirts ~

I’m not sure if this is going to be a trend, but I spotted these kind of geometric-print skirts, by dsquared2, Edun, Alexander McQueen (I actually pulled that one from Marie Claire‘s February 2014 issue) and a fourth brand whose name I’ve forgotten. I’m interested in seeing if they catch on, and among what demographic, if they do. I wouldn’t mind making my own geometric-inspired skirt … skirts are so easy to make. Especially full ones like these!

Harper's Bazaar, Feb 2014
~ shoes ~

I spotted so many ugly chunky shoes in this issue, and I have one word: ew! I defy anyone to make a decent outfit with any of these monstrosities. Okay, maybe not defy, but seriously; these shoes are gross. I’m not against chunky shoes, mind you, just ugly ones. You see that shoe right at the top, in the center, the kind of snake print one? That’s a chunky shoe done right, and it’s by Diane von Furstenberg, a designer whose stuff I never like. I am definitely going to keep an eye out to see if this trend catches on. It’s probably an extension of the platform shoes we saw in Spring/Summer 2013.

That being said, women’s fashion in the past five to eight years has been all about being pretty: pretty, pretty, pretty, feminine, ruffles, feminine, etc. It’s like woman overkill. So I wonder if these new trends of platform and chunky shoes, and even the transition from tribal prints (2012-2013) into geometric forms (2013-2014), is a creative backlash against the onslaught of pretty? Kind of a jolie laide for American sensibilities? 90s fashion is definitely coming back in dribs and drabs, and those days saw women dressing kind of rough/butch/ugly as a way to embrace their femininity and womanliness. Those fashions said that the clothes didn’t make the woman, the woman did.

Harper's Bazaar, Feb 2014
~ for the 30 somethings ~

Finally, every  magazine has it’s own section which I love. Marie Claire has its Big Girl in a Skinny World, Cosmo has its quizzes, and Harper’s Bazaar has Fabulous at Every Age. For the most part, I think they get it right every issue, and I love the ideas of what I can wear, given my advanced age (31). This month was no different: I think Harper’s totally nailed it, but unfortunately, the suggestions combine to look like a TV error screen. (I did add that Chanel dress on the right, but still.) Oops! At any rate, it’s nice to know I’m still young enough to wear crazy amounts of color.

And that’s my review of this issue. Whew! I’m so glad you stuck around ’til the end, I know this was a long post. :)  Happy February!

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