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Today I got the biggest and most pleasant surprise — my temp agency named me Associate of the Month! Two of the staff actually came to me while I was on assignment today and presented me with balloons and a gift bag of goodies. I was so happy, I was grinning from ear to ear. For one, it really means a lot to me that they feel, and are willing to share, their appreciation. And for two — I didn’t even know they had such an award! I was recognized and I didn’t do a thing to force it. How often in life does that happen?

Well, as it turns out I had a really long day; I actually worked two assignments for the company. (Both very pleasant assignments with very pleasant permanent employees, one of the perks of temping for this particular company.) But you can bet your bippy that I hauled those balloons and that gift bag all over Boston and all the way home, and that I did have my dad take a picture of me with my prized balloons.

It’s not that this event is so important, it’s that I feel it is very important to give as much credit to the happy surprises and good times in life as the shocks and bad days, and I don’t do that often enough. So enjoy the photo of me cheesing, and have a good night!

A real treat :)

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