Help! There’s a Slug in My Sewing Room.

Confession time!

One of the perks of my new residence is an extra room that is perfect size for a small sewing studio. It has huge windows on three sides and gets tons of light. No one else uses the room, since it’s off of my bedroom. All of my stash is in this room, both fabric stash and pattern stash, as are all three of my machines and my dressform (Porky). Everything I need to sew is in this room…but I don’t go in there.

When I first moved in, I was very gung ho about it. It was a neglected space, so it needed a lot of elbow grease to clean it up. And I was making good progress and dreaming big, when the music stopped playing – there were ants.

Since then, there have been a huge moth, a massive spider, a large wasp-looking thing, more ants than I’ve ever seen outside of an anthill, millipedes, and a nearly three-inch-long slug. Yes, a slug. Like, what????

People, I do not do bugs. I am absolutely terrified of them. One here or there, I can kill. Two here or there, I can scream and kill. Three here or there, I can kill and then go somewhere to sit down because I feel lightheaded and shaky with fear. More than that, and bigger than necessary, I can’t. I simply cannot.

So for four (!!!) months, I’ve been sleeping on the other side of the wall from the perfect sewing space, and not sewing in it.

But this post isn’t about how I solved the problem and got back to sewing and check out my new space – this post is about the fear that has kept me out of there for so long. Frankly, I’m ashamed that my fears are so strong I would forego something I love and need for my mental and emotional well-being. I’m also intrigued by the fear and my staunch avoidance of facing it. Where else in my life am I ‘living small’? I wonder whether there are other people living in fear, avoiding their passions and goals. Can I resolve this situation for myself, one way or the other?

Despite money (always) being tight, I’ve decided to hire cleaners to go in there and shine it up a bit – mostly to sweep up the mass grave of dead insects and give me feedback on whether they see anything still alive. It’s not facing my fears per se, but I’ve decided that sometimes facing your fears is overrated: what matters most is moving past/around/next to/etc your fears, onto the great thing ahead.

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  1. How did I miss this post!?!?!? I found mice droppings in my sewing room and pretty much refused to go in for 6 months even though my husband caught the rodents immediately. I pretty much started sewing in my living room which was crazy. My mom came and cleaned the space spotless and pretty much shook out all my fabric to put me in ease but I still shutter at the thought.

    1. HAH! I feel better about getting my mom to help me clean and set up my space. I was seriously traumatized by the bug situation. I still enter the room a little cautiously, but so far so good. Yay that you had mom *and* hubby to help you out!

  2. I totally understand! I love all creation, but I don’t want creepy crawlies on me, near me or in my home. My husband is the bug catcher, plus I have all the gadgets available for catching bugs available on amazon. The bugzooka is pretty good but if you want to release them alive, you have to get your hand too close to where the bug is. You can also let them die and then release.

  3. I moved once because of spiders. Seriously. There were multiple spiders in the bedroom (never slept in there), and so I had to move. Your idea of an exterminator is far more sensible and cheaper than my solution. Now, in my sewing dungeon, in the unfinished basement I find spiders occasionally and I put drops of peppermint oil around and that seems to deter them. Unfortunately I am sensitive to fragrance 8(. What can ya do?

    Ants are easy to get rid of, borax mixed with fine sugar will kill them, they also take it back to their nest/home/whatever and it will kill many more of them. I would put a thin line of this mixture around the edge of the room.

    Also, I will put a jar over whatever large creepy disgusting beasts I find, then cover the jar with fabric so they don’t exist and then wait for the husband to come home and deal with it.

    Slugs. Ugh. I got nothing.

    Good luck with the exterminator/cleaners.

    1. Too bad you had to move – but I totally understand. I found the peppermint trick online, but the Borax one is new! Definitely will add that to the bag of anti-bug tricks.

    2. I haven’t heard of the bugzooka before but I’m wondering if it’s anything like the Bug-A-Salt. It kills bugs by shooting salt at them. It works surprisingly well and it just uses common table salt, no toxic chemicals, and honestly it’s kind of fun.

  4. I thought this post title was a really strange analogy…nope, you have literal slugs in your sewing room. Yuck. I think fear of insects is more common than is talked about, I know a few people who are genuinely terrified of all manner of bugs…sometimes you just need to do what you need to do to get rid of them! Hiring cleaners sounds like a good plan. I’m not hugely bothered by bugs, but huntsman spiders in the house (or the car!) tests my limits.

    1. Hah, no crazy analogy this time! I feel like I’m surrounded by level headed people who think I’m ridiculous for having a bug phobia, so your words are reassuring. I’m too chicken to look up what a huntsman spider looks like, but it sounds very imposing – seeing one in a car sounds like the start of a bad day.

  5. I laugh when I read your post – I was so happy to know I am not the only one terrified of creepy crawlers. If it makes you fell better I have an attic fan that I don’t use because I believe a creepy crawler was at the right spot at the right time to fall out when I turned it on. I had a grasshopper in my bathroom – I closed the door and put a towel at the bottom of the door until a friend came to get it out.

    Good that you are getting exterminators – hopefully they can find where the creepy crawlers are getting in. The other thing you can do is cover your equipment and set off the bug bombs on a regular basis (can’t think of the actual name).

    I hope your able to get back to your sewing room soon.

    1. Pam, we are scaredy-cat twins – trapping a bug in a room and waiting for help is definitely I’ve done, haha! Major thanks for the tip on the bug bombs, they sound like just the thing.

  6. Ok, I could handle ants (maybe) but the other stuff. Umm no. I have spiders and spiderwebs in my sewing room (they appear out of nowhere, even after I’ve cleaned), but our spiders are pretty harmless. A good shoe and a sound whack takes care of them. I hope you find a remedy so you can get back in your sewing room. As to living in fear, I’m with ya there. I have certain things I avoid. Like driving in big cities alone. Some of them I can conquer, others hang around like nasty houseguests.

    1. Wendy, I love the way you put it – fears hanging around like nasty houseguests is so accurate! It’s also helpful to learn that sometimes, even actively used and cleaned spaces get spiderwebs. :) Thanks for commenting!

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