Houston, We Have a Winner

Courtesy of my camera and a fabulous box I snagged at Goodwill, a winner for the pattern guessing contest has been selected: Elizabeth C! She and four others correctly guessed I’m going to sew up Melinda.

Melinda is a bit of a sleeper — it doesn’t have the interesting lines of the other three, but closer inspection showed that the neck/shoulder band is sewn in such a way that it is finished as soon as it is sewn. How cool is that! As a pattern lover whose long sleeve tops are almost exclusively cardigans, Melinda is the best starting point for me.

So, Elizabeth — please send your name and email address to me, and you’ll have your winnings!

Thanks everyone for participating in this contest, really. Your responses were more than I expected, and made the process so much fun! :)

(Also, it took 21 tries to make the above video…can you imagine what it’s like on the set of a TV show???)

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  1. Ebi, I love your video!!! :) You are so fun and cheerful, and your personality really comes through. And hello, your editing skills are impressive! I guess after 21 tries I’m not surprised that the video came out so well, but even so, great job. Congrats to Elizabeth C on winning!

  2. Wow, I am thrilled! Thank you! Since I entered your contest with my guess, I actually received the Melinda pattern, traced it, made a quick muslin of the top portion, adjusted the pattern a little bit, and have nearly finished my first version. The way the neck and shoulder of this design go together is really brilliant, I hope you like it!

  3. Yas, I knew it. :) “in my singing voice”. Congratulations Elizabeth C. I can’t wait to see the final look Ebi. The fabric you chose are very nice.

    1. Yes, you did guess right! I’m really looking forward to sewing up Melinda. Long sleeved tops are a big style change from cardigans, and I really need to make the change.

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