I Guess It’s Spring (New Patterns Review)


I’ve been sewing for almost six years, but could never figure out people manage to sew for the right season – which is to say, the next season coming up. How did they know when to start?

Well, it just dawned on me that it’s when the patterns for that season come out! Both McCall’s and Simplicity dropped their Early Spring collections this month, and if that’s not a hint then I don’t know hints.


First off, Simplicity. Their website is a nightmare and I can’t get them locally, but I still like to check them out. Sadly, this collection falls flat. Not too many unique designs, and the photos are uninspiring, too. I’m a huge Leanne Marshall fan, but the major design detail of 8289 looks too similar to 1196 and 1689. Maybe it’s her ‘shtick’? At any rate, I won’t be getting the new pattern. Mimi G has a new pattern in this collection as well, but I’m not a fan of her designs, including the new one.


I would say my favorite look in Simplicity’s new collection is 8292, a very simple princess seam dress with dramatic sleeves and an empire waist. In particular, I’d love to make view B with the sleeves of view A, and I have some eye-catching scuba with sufficient yardage to give it a whirl. Here’s a sketch:


But OK McCall’s! Can I just say how much I love the fabrics they used for their sample garments? I know it’s personal preference, but the fabrics speak to me. As far as the patterns go…


I love them. I think they’re playful, youthful, fun, flirty, and perfect for warmer temps. It would be easier  to pick a pattern I don’t like in this collection than name all the ones that I do like! So I’m going to have to get real nitpicky and say that some of these patterns are very basic designs that you may already have in your stash, like M7536.


I also have to call out M7534, because it’s a great wrap front dress. I generally loathe wrap front dresses, but this one has a great cut-on neckband detail, which gives lets the wrap fall from your neck instead of being so boob-focused (which is why I don’t like wrap dresses). The slight gathers at the waist are just the right volume – not too full, not too stingy – and the tabbed sleeve option of view B says ‘yassssss’ to me. But as you can see in the above sketch, it looks like I’d have to shorten the waist below the overlap to make this design work for me. I have this issue with all gathered waist dresses, and to a lesser extent with wrap front dresses, – I love them, but don’t have the length to pull them off. Boo.

makingtheflame-body-positive-sewing-style-dividerI won’t bore you with any more picks from this collection, because – as I said – I love the whole darned thing. All of it. I will only say to you: check it out! And start sewing your favorites now – you’ll want to be able to wear these fabulous designs all spring and summer long.









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  1. Keep going!! Lol!!

    I loved (and reviewed) the Spring McCalls collection too. So many great designs and I already have a few in my stash.

    I was meh on the Simplicity rollout too. It felt incredibly flat.

    1. Hah, thank you! I feel like I’m not seeing your blog posts since Bloglovin changed their email subject lines…I don’t know which ones to open. :-/ I’m def heading over to check out your reviews, you write the best ones. :)

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