I’ll Have What She’s Having

blue ankara waves detail
A close up of good stuff.

One of the sewing bloggers (and sewing Instagrammers) I follow is Yetunde Sarumi, who is noteworthy for two reasons: firstly, she’s a master of making sure eeeeeeeveryone sees her makes. Seriously. I wish I had her gumption for putting my stuff in other people’s consciousness. Secondly, she is a fellow Nigerian, and sews with African fabrics — especially Ankara.

Here, here, and here, you can see her lovely makes from this wonderful fabric, and you can see how well the fabric drapes and whatnot. Now, I’ve got some wax print fabrics which my mother brought back for me when she visited Nigeria, and I never cut into them because they were kinda stiff (probably from sizing). I was dubious I could make a garment from them which wouldn’t stick out from my body in awkward and stiff ways.

So when Yetunde mentioned a sale of her remnants, I jumped on the opportunity to finally touch her Ankara with my own hands, and see how it moves in person. I chose this fabric (as shorts)(as a dress), because the colors are totally me circa 2009-2010. Seeing this color combo brought back memories of my mid twenties, when I began to see myself as a young lady worthy of pretty clothes and pretty things. :)


Yesterday my package arrived — a sort of Russian nesting package. A Fedex box, and inside the Fedex box a plastic bag, and inside the plastic bag:

pink paper
Pretty in pink.

So pretty, right? Yetunde really has a gift for presentation, if you couldn’t tell from her lovely website. She also wrote a note:

From she to me!

I love little notes from online vendors, and that she is a fellow sewing blogger makes it that much more fun.

In the flesh.

But the joke, the real punchline, is that her Ankara fabric is exactly like the wax print fabrics my mother has brought back from Nigeria for me. So all this time, I could have been making really special garments from really special fabrics, but instead I chose to put ridiculous roadblocks in my way. *headslap* I don’t plan on cutting into any of my Ankara/wax print fabrics for awhile, because I’m enjoying stashing them. But when I’m ready, I know there’s nothing standing in my way!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-bsf2x-aeE]

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  1. Oh wow.. I’m glad you loved it. It was had to give this one up. :) As you may already know, Ankara fabric are wooven cotton fabric that are coated with wax. I believe the wax is what makes it stiff-like. Some ankaras are stiffer that the other, so I usually just feel it with my hand before I decide what to make with it. I can’t wait to see what you decided to create with this one. Also can’t wait to see the other Ankara your mother brought for Nigeria..

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