January Roundup: Oh, Boy!

"January Roundup: Oh, Boy!" Sneak peek at Lekala 4383 coat, a plus size sewing pattern – Making the Flame | Body Positive Sewing & Style

This month I set out to sew all the things! What did I actually get done?

"January Roundup: Oh, Boy!" Sneak peek at Lekala 4383 coat, a plus size sewing pattern – Making the Flame | Body Positive Sewing & Style

Firstly and foremostly, I finished the most challenging garment of my sewing career – a fully lined and interlined, knit coat with faux fur contrast details.  It took me exactly fourteen months and one day – that’s  more than a year, for those of you playing along at home – and warrants its own post. Which will be up on the blog on Thursday!

"January Roundup: Oh, Boy!" Sneak peek at Lekala 4083 coat, a plus size sewing pattern – Making the Flame | Body Positive Sewing & Style

What I can say about this project for now is that I am ecstatic that I finished. I’ve road tested it, worn it for real, and done a photo shoot in it, in addition to wearing it around the house just because. It’s not perfectly sewn, but it’s perfectly finished, and I absolutely love it. I also feel emboldened to dive deeper into coat sewing, and already have my next coat project on deck: Lekala 4083 in cotton sateen.


I had four other projects on the cutting table this month, three of which were intended to satisfy four challenges/themes:

Jungle January (Pretty Grievances)

Denim Challenge (ThReD and Needles group)

#2017makenine (Rochelle_new)

Day and Night Dress Challenge (Elizabeth Made This)

… and a fourth which was intended to match my fabulous purple velvet pants. I am not bummed that I didn’t finish these garments, because they pushed me outside of my sewing box. Thanks to the Day and Night Dress Challenge, I will own a LBD – something I’ve never owned and never thought to own, but am sure will come in handy one day. And I’ve never sewn with denim because I’m not a jeans girl, but the Denim Challenge got me to pull out some funky denim for the jean jacket of my dreams.


Lastly but not leastly is how I’ve connected to others through sewing this month! I was very flattered to be mentioned by both Kisha and Helen – thanks, ladies! If you’re not familiar with their blogs, I recommend you check out both. Kisha makes a new garment every 3.46 seconds (approximately) and Helen’s Wednesday Weekly is the ultimate resource for the freshest pattern releases, tips, news, and cool garments in the sewing blogosphere.

"January Roundup: Oh, Boy!" Sneak peek at custom sewing projects – Making the Flame | Body Positive Sewing & Style

In addition to shout outs, I also got requests – three of them! – to sew for others. My best friend asked for a Janelle Skirt by Style Sew Me, her friend asked for a custom skirt, and my cousin asked for a peplum top. I’m excited to over deliver on fit and style, but I’m nervous, too! I hope to finish all three garments within the next six weeks or so.

JackOfNone Etsy store - 3 year old birthday shirt

Oh, and in Big Blog News – Making the Flame turned 3 back on the 15th. How’s that for anticlimactic? Haha! :)






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  1. You accomplished so much this month! Great job on the coat, those kind of projects always take forever but are sooooo worth it. Glad to hear you like reading the Wednesday Weekly!

  2. I’m glad you could participate in the Day and Night Dress Challenge! It was good for me to push myself to host a challenge, and I’m glad too to have a LBD–something I haven’t had in my closet since college.

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