Jungle January, Day 32

Making the Flame Gronking in the Melinda Knit Tunic by Style Arc.
Gronking allll day

Yep! I’m sharing my Jungle January make on the 32d day of the month! But let the record show I definitely finished at 1159pm on Saturday, January 31, EST. I got it in! So let’s talk sewing.

Making the Flame giving the stiff arm to the defense.
Pushing away the defense


The Melinda Knit Tunic is yet another brilliant Style Arc pattern. It just is. The neckband opening is self-finished simply by stitching two straight seams and pressing them open. Bust darts this tunic has, but you don’t have to mark and stitch them — the pattern is shaped to include them without the extra effort. The high-low hem is just right: it doesn’t look high or low, but hits right where it should all around your body to be flattering. The sleeves fit surprisingly well! The horizontal seam in front hits at a good point — low enough to accommodate those of us with a lower bust, and hit at the underbust on those with a higher bust (ie, empire waist look). Finally, this tunic comes together FAST and the directions go the flat-sleeve route, which is smart and quick.

Making the Flame plays QB in the Melinda Knit Tunic.
Channelling my inner Tom Brady

I’m really happy with the out-of-the-envelope fit of this pattern. Style Arc comes majorly close for me, which is a luxury sewers my size don’t generally have. On my next version, I plan on making a few tweaks: narrow the neckline opening and narrow the front neckband and upper bodice width along the neckband edge; scoop out the armhole a bit and enlarge the sleeve cap accordingly; lower the back neckline (something I seem to have to do on EVERY pattern); lengthen the sleeve (another every-pattern adjustment); and lengthen the body a bit. It sounds like a lot, but that’s just me wanting a 100% perfect fit, instead of a 90% perfect fit.

Making the Flame rocks the WR position in the Melinda Knit Tunic.
Randy Moss did it one-handed…

One thing I was really displeased with on this top was the quality of my stitching. It looked like a toddler’s first go ’round on a sewing machine! And this is not the first time I’ve been so unhappy with my stitching quality. I don’t know if it’s knit fabrics I’m struggling with or lightweight fabrics, so I’m using a polyester georgette for my next project. If that comes out wonky, I might need a class on working with lightweight fabrics; if it comes out fine, I might need a class on working with knits. One thing I was really pleased with is assembling/finishing this whole garment with only zig zag stitch. I know sergers are in every sewers’ home, but I really have no interest using one for my own clothes. So sewing knits on my standard machine is a point of great personal satisfaction. :)

Making the Flame is the craftiest ref ever in the Melinda Knit Tunic from Style Arc.
It’s good!

I touched on the fabrics used in this shirt in my dramatic contest winner drawing video — I’d not yet cut into either one, so working with them was going in blind. I’ve folded them enough to get a gist that they’re both lightweight knit fabrics, and they definitely are. However, the lovely purple fabric has a pretty high spandex content! I could barely iron it, it went sheen-city on me even at the lowest heat setting. And while pinning I saw the tell-tale shine of spandex fibers in it. Based on the drape, I think it’s a rayon/spandex blend. The leopard fabric is the lighter weight of the two, and had a maddening tendency of curly edges, clinging to itself, and stretching and shrinking and shifting at will. Whatever I make with the rest of it will *not* be precision sewing, but play off it’s drapiness and flexibility. Thank goodness all of the pattern pieces are cut single layer, I cannot imagine trying to cut this stuff on a fold!

Making the Flame shows off the clever neckband on the Melinda Knit Tunic by Style Arc.
Neckband in action.

So that’s that! Melinda is a win that I will make again (and probably again and again), the fabric was quirky but feels divine, and I finished my Jungle January make just before the buzzer. #winning!


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  1. Oooh such fancy shoulder stitching – it’s just perfect! :-) Love the fabrics. Love the fit. It’s awesome!!!!!

    Randy -straight cash, homey- Moss! teeheehee

  2. I can see you’re really ready for the game. The Melinda top fits snug on you. You really did a very nice job with the fabric combination.
    I see your Randy Moss moves :) , I really do miss him on the Vikings team. I know he’s a really crazy dude but then when he’s on game he is on. Crossing my fingers tonight.

    1. Wasn’t he great? You lucky Vikings fans got to watch him for longer than we did here in New England, so I can only imagine how much fun you all had! Thanks for the kind words, and yes–I am definitely ready for this game!

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