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You’re probably wondering what this bizarre and grainy image is portraying. The colors, the overexposure; your eye doesn’t know where to land. It kind of slides over the image, first in one direction, then randomly, until they decide that a bare wall would be more fascinating.

This is how I feel about mending.

Some of the garments photographed above have been in my to-mend pile since last year. Why mend when I can make a whole new garment from scratch?

The more I wear my me-mades, the more attentive to detail I am as far as my appearance is concerned. Where in the past I’d blithely walk out of the house with small tears or stains adorning my look, nowadays I even check my hems to make sure they’re hitting me at flattering points. I check my tops to make sure the side seams are sitting at my sides. I blame this awareness on sewing and photographing myself in my makes (but mostly sewing).

It’s a good thing, but I’m not precious when I wear my clothes — stains, tears, whatever; they happen. I can’t keep tossing perfectly good clothes aside for ‘repairs’ without actually, you know, repairing them. I realized this recently when I had nothing good to wear because my desired pieces were either dirty or broken!


I’ve begun repairing and mending things, finally. It’s slow going because of the back log, but it is happening. What about you? Do you mend? Do you fix your makes when bad things happen to them?


World’s Best Stain Remover: white vinegar & water, 1:2. Douse the stain with the solution, then verrrry gently scrub it with a cotton ball which has been dunked in the solution. Do this any time after the stain occurs (sooner is better, of course) and BEFORE you machine wash and dry the item. Voila! Stain is gone.

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