Looks Good, Feels … Good?

Love the packaging!
Love the packaging!

I do enough online fabric shopping to admit to myself that it’s initially about how the fabric looks. I’ve also been burnt enough times that I now scrutinize the fabric descriptions, and even call the seller for more info about the fabric. But even when I buy fabric in person, there are certain qualities that I’m not yet able to gauge — so I do it as part of the pre-treating/washing process.

Lacey's Novelty Knit .... is mine, all mine!
Lacey’s Novelty Knit …. is mine, all mine!

I just got this beautiful piece of fabric from The Smuggler’s Daughter, and to say I loved it would be quite the understatement! It was even better in person than online. The white parts are actually cream-colored bits of knit, all torn and scraggly shaped and sewn to a sheer, almost mesh backing in black. Laid on a white surface, the stitching shows; on a black surface it disappears. It sheds a tiiiiiiny bit of lint, and it’s light and very supple. I decided to line it with some light/medium weight black jersey I bought in New York last year.

I didn’t want my precious new fabric to get pummeled in the washing machine, so I hand washed and spin dried the pieces together, before sticking them in the dryer. (Ain’t nobody got time to wait for something to line dry in the middle of winter!) I found that it holds a lot of water, but the jersey holds less, so it will be a good lining to avoid getting sticky and sweaty in the summer months. (My whole wardrobe is basically summer clothes that I layer and wear under coats when winter comes … I am a New Englander in severe denial.)

Fiona Top by Style Arc

I’d planned to make a Fiona Top by Style Arc, and I’ve decided to stick to that plan in the interest of actually sewing something before the year ends! The Fiona Top is hands down my favorite new pattern of 2014 — I’ve only made two, but I wear one or both of them pretty much every week. You cannot go wrong with a Fiona Top. It’s designed for lightweight drapey knits like this piece from Smuggler’s Daughter, but I’ve made it up in a ponte knit and medium weight textural knit, and both fit and wear fabulously.

I’m hoping to get my fabrics all dried and folded before I head out to work today, so I can come home and cut the pattern pieces out. Mama needs a new cardigan, stat!

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  1. Ahhhh it’s beautiful! And that danged cardigan is NEEDED! I hurried and checked their Etsy shop but it isn’t a downloadable pattern. Boooo! :)

    Cannot wait to see it made up!

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