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Making The Flame -- Me Made May #mmmay15

Whew! We made it! We finished Me Made May 2015. My revised pledge was:

I, Ebi of, pledge to wear at least one me-made garment or accessory to work every day this month. I also pledge to make one item per week that is work appropriate and fun (colorful, bright, etc).”

I adhered to the bolded part of it faithfully, and it was a challenge indeed. As the month progressed and the weather improved I was struck by how many of my makes are warm weather makes…despite that I live in New England. I also received many compliments on my outfits and makes alike, which I did not expect. Who knew anyone notices little ol’ me?!

The contrast between my cool outfits and my sloppy hair and makeup-free face was pretty jarring and made me really self-conscious. I tried to up my game by wearing jewelry more, choosing shoes that actually worked well with my outfits, and fixing my hair, with varying degrees of success. At any rate, it was clear I’ll need to return to the fancy ways of my late 20s to some extent, if I want to do my wardrobe any justice.

Overall, this was my first Me Made May and I found it more challenging than I’d expected! Definitely a good thing, it has me wanting to do more challenges in the future. Also, it was cool to really pay attention to my garments, right down to how I finished the insides — some of my early garments are better sewn than I remember, and some of my favorites are total slap-dash creations.


Pattern brands = 7

  • Burda/Simplicity
  • Butterick
  • Lekala
  • McCall’s
  • self-drafted/upcycled/etc
  • Style Arc
  • Vogue

Types of garment worn = 8

  • cardigan
  • dress
  • pants
  • scarf
  • skirt
  • top (sleeveless)
  • top (w/sleeves)
  • vest

Favorite patterns/items (worn >3x):

  • purple Fiona Top by Style Arc, purple and in general [3 (4)]
  • McCall’s M6078 [6]

Stand out looks:

Making the flame on Instagram: #mmmay15Making the flame on Instagram: #mmmay15

Making the flame on Instagram: #mmmay15Making the flame on Instagram: #mmmay15


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  1. I know some people rave about how it is conforming to patriarchal standards…but I really do consider it worth the extra time doing hair and putting on a little makeup in the morning. I feel so much more polished (and awake)!

    1. It definitely is, but there are many women who also get a huge boost from polishing up. :) In that respect, beauty is a way to empower oneself! At any rate, we’re judged on our appearance whether we take responsibility for it or not. :-p

  2. Good job!
    It’s funny how you mentioned that you’ll be upping your game a little. I came to the same conclusion. I love dressing in simple and casual clothes, but I think I need to start adding just a little something fancy now and then to keep from being too boring.
    :-) Chris

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